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DescriptionData typeData Plan required Resources
12kHz transducer view details E Transducer only supplied
2 electrically driven seismic air compressors view details E Located in container hold with final air delivery to the working deck
A Frame view details E Investigator is equipped with a Triplex 20 tonne, A-Frame for deploying moorings. It has a height of ...
AC-9 Absorption and Attenuation Meter view details AC-9 E Manufacturers: WetLabs (now Sea-Bird Scientific) Serial Number: 00000290 Software: WetView ver 7.1
ANSTO Radon detector view details Radon E The radon detector aboard the RV Investigator is a 700 L dual-flow-loop two-filter radon detector. ...
Aerodyne Mini-QCL Greenhouse gas spectrometers view details E rack mounted high precision spectrometers: 1. CO2/CH4 analyser 2. N2O/CO analyser 3. N2O isotope ...
Aerosol Sampling Laboratory view details L The laboratory is located on the foredeck at the base of the foremast with a direct atmospheric air ... Images: 1
Aerosol sampling mast view details L 6m high and 150mm diameter stainless air sampling tube on foremast
Aerosol sampling system view details E Air is pumped (Thomas Sheboygan 2107CD18) through the ship's air inlet within 2 black silicone tubes ...
Air Chemistry Laboratory view details L The laboratory is located at the forward end of the superstructure on the foredeck taking atmospheri ...
Air sampling system view details E Air sampling system including sampling mast and pump. The pump consists of a side-channel regenerati ...
Applanix POSMV view details POSMV E
Atmospheric Underway Sensors view details E met,uwy
Atmospheric nephelometer view details E Integrating nephelometer to provide continuous measurement of aerosol light scattering coefficient met Images: 1
Biological Box Corer view details E dimensions 500 x 500 mm, sampling size 0.25 m2 (soft sediment only) (ex Geoscience Australia) catch
Blast Freezer view details E
Bongo Nets view details Bongo E The Bongo net system consists of two rings (600mm diameter each) connected via a central axle. The n ... catch
CSIRO Four Metre Beam Trawl view details Beam Trawl E The Beam Trawl is a 4m wide and 0.5m high single warp net system utilising a 10mm mesh size. This ne ... catch
CTD - Seabird 911 with 24 Bottle Rosette view details CTD E CTD with 24 bottle carousel and frame which also can fit an ADCPs ctd,hydro Images: 1
CTD - Seabird 911 with 36 Bottle Rosette view details CTD E CTD with 36 bottle carousel and frame which also can fit an ADCPs ctd,hydro Images: 1 Documents: 1
Clean Freezer view details E
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter view details CCNC E Droplet Measurement Technologies cloud condensation nuclei counter (CCN-100). It measures the number ... Documents: 2 Images: 1
Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota (CAAB) view details CAAB S A register of taxa names and objects that can be used for recording the identification or naming cat ...
Constant Temperature Laboratory view details L When not in use as a constant temperature laboratory it can be used as a sample storage locker and i ...
Continuous Plankton Recorder view details CPR E The Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) is a robust and reliable instrument for filtering and capturi ... cpr
DALEC Dynamic Above Water Radiance and Irradiance Collector view details DALEC E The DALEC (Dynamic Above Water Radiance and Irradiance Collector) is an autonomous sea-going hypers ...
Deck (Raw) Seawater Supply view details E Constant supply of seawater to the back deck, container spaces, deck level 2 and the General Purpose ...
Deep Towed Camera System view details DTCS E The Deep Towed Camera system comprises an HD Video camera (with LED floodlights) and paired (i.e. s ... photo,video
Dissecting Microscopes and peripherals view details E The MNF have the following dissecting scopes available: 2 x Leica M80, 1 X Leica MZ6 and 1 x Wild sc ...
Drop keel camera view details E Drop keel camera, able to rotate through 360° photo,video
Dual Axis Doppler Log view details Doppler E Skipper DL850 Dual axis Doppler log with gondola mounted transducer
EZ Net - Multiple Opening and Closing Net and Environmental Sensors (MOCNESS) view details EZnet E Multi-net platform able to remotely open and close nets with real time sampling of environmental var ... catch
Electronic Fish Measuring Boards view details E
Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer view details FRRF E
Fluorescence Plate Reader view details CLARIOstar E
Gallows view details E Stern Gallows supplied
General Purpose Dry Laboratory (Clean) view details L User configurable, plumbed laboratory space.
- Area approximately 65 m2
- 22 m2 bench surf ...
General Purpose Wet Laboratory (Clean) view details L Multi-purpose laboratory where samples may be assessed under clean conditions, data recorded and ana ...
General Purpose Wet Laboratory (dirty) view details L A multi-purpose laboratory where samples (i.e. fish and plankton catches; sediment and geological sa ...
Heavy Duty Electronic Balance view details E Heavy duty electronic balance, motion compensated 150kg max. eg. POLS S-210 onboard marine Scale or ...
Hydro-Bios Mammoth Multinet view details E The Hydro-Bios Multinet platform is towed and controlled by either a conductive cable or wire rope. ... bio
Incubation Tanks view details E The MNF have three on deck incubation units. Each unit has a 300 litre tank, and via a re-circulatin ...
Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Autonomous Radiometer (ISAR) view details ISAR E The Infrared Sea Surface Temperature Autonomous Radiometer (ISAR) ship-borne sea surface temperature ... sst
Integrated Coring Platform view details ICP E The Integrated Coring Platform ( ICP) combines a number of technologies to maximise sampling in a si ... sed
Kongsberg EM122 12kHz multibeam echo sounder view details EM122 E The EM122 MBES is utilised for full ocean depth seabed mapping. It operates at 12kHz and can be util ... multibeam Documents: 1
Kongsberg EM710-MK2 multibeam echo sounder (40kHz - 100kHz) view details EM710 E It operates in frequencies ranging from 40-100kHz. It works best in depths down to 600-700m although ... multibeam Documents: 1
Kongsberg ME70 shallow water multibeam scientific and fisheries echo sounder system view details ME70 E The ME70 is a multibeam echo sounder (MBES) utilised for biomass estimation in the water column to a ... multibeam
Kongsberg SBP120 Sub-Bottom Profiler view details SBP120 E The SBP shares the receive transducer array of the EM122 echo sounder and can be operated in conjunc ... sbp
Kongsberg/Simrad SH90 Omni-directional sonar view details SH90 E
Laboratory Clean Container view details L
Laboratory Fresh water view details E Hot and cold freshwater supplied to all labs, and working decks.
Laboratory Incubator view details E 2 x 300 Litre Steridium incubators. They will be located in labs.
Light Duty Electronic Balance view details E Light Duty motion compensated electronic balance. POLS S_182 (3Kg) or equivalent.
Long and Short Sediment Coring System view details E Provision of complete long sediment coring winch system to wire end. Long sediment coring system, in ... sed
Lowered ADCP view details LADCP E ladcp
MIDOC - midwater trawl view details MIDOC E catch
Manta plankton net view details Manta plankton net E This has a mouth area of 0.6 m * 0.22 m, a net length of 2.1 m and uses a flat plastic board to keep ...
Marine Magnetics SeaSPY2 Overhauser Magnetometer view details E This system uses an omnidirectional Overhauser sensor that requires no realignment or recalibration ...
McKenna demersal fish trawl nets view details E The MNF have access to 3 McKenna Market trawls. They have a headline length of 37.6m, footrope of 41 ... catch
Medium Duty Electronic Balance view details E Medium Duty motion compensated electronic balance. POLS S_182 (20Kg) or equivalent.
Micro-Orifice Uniform Deposit Impactor view details MOUDI E High Flow Rate Micro Uniform Deposit Impactor Documents: 1
Micro-g LaCoste Air-Sea System II (AS-2) gravity meter view details E The system consists of a highly damped, spring-type gravity sensor that is mounted on a gyro stabili ... gravity
Milli-Q ultra pure fresh water systems view details E An ultra-pure filter for water in the laboratories. The outlets are located in the Hydrochemistry, P ...
Modular HazMAT Locker view details L The Hazmat Locker is a modified 20ft offshore container (TEU) custom built for the storage of hazard ...
Modular Radiation Laboratory view details RADVAN E radiation laboratory in a shipping container
Modular Sample Storage Cool Room view details E
Modular Sample Storage Freezer view details E
Modular Trace Metal Laboratory view details L
Monkey Island view details L
Multi-frequency hydrophones view details hydrophones E Four hydrophones are mounted in different locations along the keel, which are used to detect and rec ... Documents: 2 Images: 2
NIKON D3300 view details E Lens: VR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Focal Length: 18mm Shutter Speed:1/100 Aperture:f/5
Net/cable storage >10m3 view details L Provision for storage of owner supplied nets and instruments
Nitrogen oxide monitor view details NOX E Nitrogen Oxide Monitor, manufacturer Air Quality Design, inc AQD NO detector.
Ocean drills view details E Requires support from Geoscience Australia
Octopus Box Corer view details E
PICARRO G2301 Spectrometer view details PICARRO E The analyser is a wavelength-scanned laser-based Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer (CRDS) spectrometer. ...
Polarimetric Weather Radar view details E RV Investigator continuously operates a 250kW C-band (5 cm), simultaneous dual polarization doppler ...
Portable Capstan view details E Portable 1 tonne capstan for side A-frame
Preservation Laboratory view details L A laboratory suitable for photography, preservation and the storage of samples.
- Area approxim ...
RMAN-511 cloud and aerosol lidar view details LIDAR E Eye-safe, turn-key, aerosol and cloud lidar with depolarization
Radiosonde view details E A Vaisala DigiCORA Sounding System (MW41) is available, compatible with RS41 and RS92 radiosondes. A ...
Rock Dredges view details E The rock dredge is a rugged piece of equipment. The mouth of the dredge was constructed from 12mm th ... sed
Seismic Acquisition System (GeoEel) view details E The seismic acquisition system is used to acquire seismic reflection information of the seafloor. Th ...
Seismic sparker view details E
Sheltered Science Area view details L The sheltered deck workshop extends over two decks with access to the aft main deck and starboard de ...
Sherman epibenthic sled view details Sherman E The Sherman weighs 1.2 tonnes and has a cod end with a 10mm mesh size. The sled has a 0.5 * 1.0 m mo ... catch
Simrad EK60 multi-frequency split-beam echosounder view details EK60 E The narrow-band system can operate in 6 frequency bands, from 18-333kHz ( 12kHz,18kHz, 38kHz, 70kHz, ... singlebeam
Smith McIntyre grab view details SMG E The Smith McIntyre Grab is designed to collect ocean sediment with a sampling area of 0.1m sq. This ... sed
Sun photometer view details E Sun photometer mounted on gyroscopically stabilised platform for aerosol optical depth measurement
Surface Nets view details E 1m^2 surface frame and nets bio,catch
TRIAXUS Underway Profiling CTD view details TRIAXUS E Triaxus is a remotely pilotable towed vehicle capable of carrying a variety of instrumentation. Cons ... tctd Images: 2
Thermo Scientific Model 49i Ozone monitor view details E Thermo scientific, 49i UV photometric ozone analyser. uwy Images: 2
Thermo Scientific Model 5012 MultiAngle Atmospheric Photometer view details MAAP E Multiangle absorption photometer (MAAP) Images: 1
Thermosalinograph view details TSG E Thermosalinograph with auxiliary sensors SBE38 intake temperature, Aanderaa Optode oxygen sensor and ... uwy
Trace Metal CTD Rosette and Bottles view details TMR E The vessel also operates a 12-bottle trace metal rosette (TMR). It is broadly similar to the CTD, bu ... ctd,hydro
Trace metal (TM) clean seawater view details E Drawn from a single titanium intake on the Port drop keel. No filtering or strainer basket. Supplied ...
Trace metal clean underway seawater supply view details E The trace metal clean underway seawater supply inlet takes up seawater from the ship's drop keel. Th ...
Trace metal rain water sampling view details E
Trawl Ramp view details E Trawl Ramp with cover/cassette to provide full flat working deck to stern
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer view details E 2 off. Nominal temperature at -40 deg C.
Ultra short baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system view details USBL E Sonardyne Ranger Pro ultra short baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system. Space reserved on star ...
Ultrapure water purification systems view details E The water purification systems are essential for gathering data of depth, salinity and temperature d ...
Underway Seawater Analysis Laboratory view details L A laboratory designed to accommodate permanently fitted instruments to measure seawater properties w ...
Underway water analysis instruments view details E Underway instruments : pCO2; O2; chlorophyll & bio-optical sensors measuring surface water CO2 mole ... pco2,uwy
Utility winches working decks view details E 2 x 10t utility Gilson winches for aft deck operations
VOC Gas chromatograph view details SEQ E Volatile Organic Compound VOC, Online thermal desorber/Dual Channel Gas Chromatograph with GC-FID (w ... Images: 1
WHOI epibenthic Biological sled view details E Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute epibenthic Biological sled bio,catch
Walk in Cool Room view details L Nominal temperature 4 deg C
Walk in Freezer view details E
Wave radar view details E Coherent X-band Doppler Wave Radar
Wildlife on Voyage (WoV) application view details WOV S Records observations of species or null sightings. User can select from bird, cetacean or seal data ... wov
Workboat view details E 6m inboard diesel jet-drive workboat for general purpose science use
Working air systems view details E Supply of 7 bar compressed air to labs and working decks
XBT System view details XBT E XBT launch and data retrieval system, using Deep Blue XBT's. XBTS can be launched by hand (singley) ... xbt
nano Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (Grimm) view details SMPS E Images: 2
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