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The Deep Towed Camera system comprises an HD Video camera (with LED floodlights) and paired (i.e. stereoscopic) digital still cameras (with strobe lights). USBL is used to geolocate the camera during the deployment, and ancillary instrumentation includes depth, temperature, salinity, height above seafloor, and platform pitch/roll. It is deployable to 3900m (although only 2500m before Sept 2021) The video camera systems are: 1. Primary HDSDI Video Stream: Hitachi KP-HD20a with Fujinon TF2.8DA-8; 2. Secondary H.264 Stream: GBO S1080 with LM6HC F1.8, 6mm Manual Iris; 3. Tertiary PAL SD Stream: Hitachi HVD30P with Fujinon TF2.8DA-8 Calibration: SBE37IDO CTD calibrated by CSIRO O&A Oceanographic Calibration Facility. Sizing Laser spacing adjusted by CSIRO O&A Instrument and Electronics


Acquisition of subsea imagery with a focus on sea floor survey.


Maxiumum operating depth 3900 m

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