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The Data Centre at CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, Australia is a central assembly and management point for much of the Division's vessel-collected (ship) data collected over the past 25 years, plus related datasets such as those collected via moored instrument arrays (moorings) in the Australasian region.

MarLIN Metadata Catalogue

Search the catalogue of metadata records of datasets from MNF voyages and other surveys.

Data Trawler

Use this tool to extract data from recent surveys, projects, datatypes.

Supported data types include CTD, XBT, Underway, Catch records, Moorings, Hydrochemistry, ADCP,

CAAB taxonomic catalogue

CAAB stands for Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota. It is a catalogue of taxa recorded from Australian and adjacent waters.

Find taxa by scientific name or common name and view catch records, expected distributions and selected images.

Underway (NRUD)

View voyage tracks and underway data timeseries plots using the Near Real-time Underway Data (NRUD).

The track and associated underway measurements are sent from ships and uploaded approximately every hour.


The application has been designed to aggregate and then identify data within Key Ecological Features as part of a NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub project but it is also applicable to any other regions such as Commonwealth Marine Reserves or the GBR.

Multibeam data

Search and retrieve multibeam and sub-bottom profile data from the Geophysical Survey and Mapping (GSM) team.

Covers raw data, processed data and other data products from voyages of the RV Southern Surveyor and RV Investigator.

Tracking Data

Tools to manage the tracking of data and metadata from acquistion to publication. In particular the data from the voyages of the RV Investigator. Login required.

MNF Equipment

Equipment used in RV Investigator along with tools for investigators to plan their use on voyages.



Construct waypoint routes for voyage planning and export in various formats. (csv, gpx, rux, excel and kml)


Search tool for local copies of selected AODN, BODC and other vocabularies.


O&A Geoserver - mapping server of 900 map layers (WFS and WMS) of voyages, CTD casts,etc.

OBIS Australia and its IPT - harvest point for marine biological data to OBIS, GBIF and ALA

External sites

OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic information System
ALA - Atlas of Living Australia
AODN - Australian Ocean Data Network.
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