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The rock dredge is a rugged piece of equipment. The mouth of the dredge was constructed from 12mm thick galvanised steel with a mouth area of 890 mm x 305 mm or 0.27 m2. The chain bag consists of 6mm galvanised chain forming a square mesh with 70 mm sides. Attached at the end of the mesh bag is a plate to which the safety chain and two pipe dredges, each approximately 200 mm in diameter and 500 mm long, are attached. The tow point has an adjustable weak link (shear pin) system (1-9 t)The chain bag is very resilient and can collect larger invertebrates as well as rocks.


Consisting of a metal frame attached to the mouth of a chain bag, it's deployed behind the moving ship and used for sampling large rocks on the ocean floor.


Weight 300 kg on land

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