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SeaSPY Marine Magnetometer, Weights 18kg and comes with 50m of tow cable housed in a freewheel wireless cable spool. The SeaSPY2 magnetometer uses an omnidirectional Overhauser sensor that requires no realignment or recalibration and has no heading error. The instrument has an absolute accuracy of 0.1 nT, sensor sensitivity of 0.01 nT and resolution of 0.001 nT.


A geophysical instrument used to survey the Earth's magnetic field.


Weight 12 kg on land
Deployment requirements: The magnetometer is launched with the aid of the ship's A-frame and can be deployed whilst slowly underway (~1 kn). The instrument is paid out and towed ~300 m behind the vessel (to avoid the ship's influence on the signal) and can be operated at full transit speed. The depth at which magnetometer tows is dependent on vessel speed and/or whether special weights are added to the cable (note: these need to be lead or brass and are not yet a part of the system). One can expect a towing depth of 22 m at 4  kn and 6 m at 12 kn (unweighted).

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