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Micro-g LaCoste Air-Sea System II (AS-2) gravity meter    - Search for deployments and/or events


The system consists of a highly damped, spring-type gravity sensor that is mounted on a gyro stabilized platform with associated electronics for obtaining gravity readings. It measures the earth's gravity to an accuracy of 0.01 mGal, offers dynamic repeatability better than 0.25 mGal and an internal sampling of analog signals of 1000 Hz to provide a 21 bit effective resolution. This system is permanently installed at the centre of the vessel and is operated continuously, however the system has some operational limitations according to sea state.


Micro-g LaCoste Air-Sea System II (AS-2) gravity meter is designed to measure the earths field to an accuracy of 0.01 mGal, in pitch and roll conditions up to 22 deg.


Weight 86 kg on land
Year built 2014
Make and model Lacoste & Romberg L&R Air-Sea Gravity System II
Power requirements 240 watts

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