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Kongsberg SBP120 Sub-Bottom Profiler    - Search for deployments and/or events


The SBP120 is utilised to image sedimentary layers beneath the seabed with a max vertical resolution of 0.3 ms and penetration of up to 100 m in loose unconsolidated sediment (or ~25 m in sand). The SBP shares the receive transducer array of the EM122 echo sounder and can be operated in conjunction with the EM122 or EM710 multibeam systems. It uses narrow Tx & Rx beams (3° x 3°) and operates in a frequency range of 2.5 to 7kHz . This system is permanently mounted on the ships gondola and will be operated continuously regardless of science objectives unless specifically advised otherwise, or causing interference.


On the gondola is a sub bottom profiler, which is used to investigate the thickness and composition of the sediments and rocks that make up the seabed.

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