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Four hydrophones are mounted in different locations along the keel, which are used to detect and record underwater acoustics, including the noise made by the vessel as well as noise from the ocean. The locations are - One above each of the two propellers - One on the gondola (near bow thruster) - One on the Starboard drop keel They are all identical models - being made by OceanSonics, model icListen HF (200kHz bandwidth). Used with an Ethernet connection, not a serial connection.


Used for the detection and recording of underwater sounds. The hydrophones are general purpose in nature. Some applications they have been used for so far: - Vessel noise (singing propellers, bow thruster problems) - Verifying echo sounder operation (e.g. confirming acoustic release 12kHz codes are being sent) - Ocean noise (e.g. mammal activity)


Make and model OceanSonics icListen HF

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