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The Sherman weighs 1.2 tonnes and has a cod end with a 10mm mesh size. The sled has a 0.5 * 1.0 m mouth area and is towed at 2 – 2.5 knots. A wire out ratio is 2:1 in shallow water (< 200m) 1.8:1 in deeper (200 to 700m) and 1.5:1 in water deeper than 700m. A USBL beacon can be fitted to give position information during a deployment. The sled is deployed off the stern and is towed on a trawl warp. Deck inserts need to be removed.


The Sherman epi-benthic sled is designed to collect fauna from rough sections of the seafloor such as reef and seamounts. It can be used to full ocean depth as it has no electronics.

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