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Short Name: SO - as used in survey codes
Type: Ship
Description: 53 m deep-sea trawler, chartered by CSIRO 1979-1989 for fisheries research. Further information about this vessel is available at the URL


Most recent first.

SO 4/89 [details] -Sep-1989 -Sep-1989
SO 3/89 [details] 14-Apr-1989 8-May-1989
SO 2/89 [details] 28-Feb-1989 22-Mar-1989
SO 1/89 [details] 19-Jan-1989 9-Feb-1989
SO 6/88 [details] 17-Nov-1988 1-Dec-1988
SO 5/88 [details] 16-Sep-1988 14-Oct-1988
SO 4/88 [details] 14-Jul-1988 19-Jul-1988
SO 3/88 [details] 10-May-1988 2-Jun-1988
SO 2/88 [details] 15-Mar-1988 8-Apr-1988
SO 1/88 [details] 20-Jan-1988 11-Feb-1988
SO 8/87 [details] 4-Nov-1987 15-Dec-1987
SO 7/87 [details] 16-Sep-1987 23-Oct-1987
SO 6/87 [details] 5-Aug-1987 14-Aug-1987
SO 5/87 [details] 9-Jul-1987 22-Jul-1987
SO 4/87 [details] 3-Jun-1987 16-Jun-1987
SO 3/87 [details] 29-Apr-1987 12-May-1987
SO 2/87 [details] 1-Apr-1987 14-Apr-1987
SO 1/87 [details] 10-Jan-1987 7-Feb-1987
SO 6/86 [details] 7-Oct-1986 5-Nov-1986
SO 5/86 [details] 1-Sep-1986 21-Sep-1986
SO 4/86 [details] 8-Jul-1986 28-Jul-1986
SO 3/86 [details] 7-May-1986 3-Jun-1986
SO 2/86 [details] 13-Mar-1986 6-Apr-1986
SO 1/86 [details] 8-Jan-1986 4-Feb-1986
SO 6/85 [details] 14-Nov-1985 10-Dec-1985
SO 5/85 [details] 12-Sep-1985 9-Oct-1985
SO 4/85 [details] 18-Jul-1985 28-Aug-1985
SO 3/85 [details] 23-May-1985 18-Jun-1985
SO 2/85 [details] 23-Mar-1985 21-Apr-1985
SO 1/85 [details] 23-Jan-1985 22-Feb-1985
SO 6/84 [details] 25-Nov-1984 19-Dec-1984
SO 5/84 [details] 9-Oct-1984 5-Nov-1984
SO 4/84 [details] 12-Aug-1984 13-Sep-1984
SO 3/84 [details] 14-Jun-1984 12-Jul-1984
SO 2/84 [details] 16-Apr-1984 13-May-1984
SO 1/84 [details] 25-Jan-1984 25-Feb-1984
SO 5/83 [details] 7-Oct-1983 17-Nov-1983
SO 4/83 [details] 2-Aug-1983 7-Sep-1983
SO 3/83 [details] 1-Jun-1983 1-Jul-1983
SO 2/83 [details] 6-Apr-1983 18-Apr-1983
SO 1/83 [details] 20-Jan-1983 2-Mar-1983
SO 6/82 [details] 15-Nov-1982 16-Dec-1982
SO 5/82 [details] 25-Sep-1982 27-Oct-1982
SO 4/82 [details] 25-Jul-1982 6-Aug-1982
SO 3/82 [details] 5-Jun-1982 23-Jun-1982
SO 2/82 [details] 20-Mar-1982 18-Apr-1982
SO 1/82 [details] 12-Jan-1982 5-Feb-1982
SO 5/81 [details] 18-Nov-1981 15-Dec-1981
SO 4/81 [details] 25-Sep-1981 18-Oct-1981
SO 3/81 [details] 23-Jul-1981 22-Aug-1981
SO 2/81 [details] 30-May-1981 14-Jul-1981
SO 1/81 [details] 23-Mar-1981 16-Apr-1981
SO 7/80 [details] 1-Nov-1980 20-Dec-1980
SO 6/80 [details] 1-Sep-1980 23-Sep-1980
SO 5/80 [details] 21-Jun-1980 26-Jul-1980
SO 4/80 [details] 23-May-1980 18-Jun-1980
SO 3/80 [details] 26-Apr-1980 18-May-1980
SO 2/80 [details] 29-Mar-1980 13-Apr-1980
SO 1/80 [details] 10-Jan-1980 4-Feb-1980
SO 1/79 [details] 27-Nov-1979 17-Dec-1979
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