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Survey When (UTC) LatitudeLongitude InstrumentIdentifierActionLogSubject / Comments
IN2016_T01 2016-07-09 04:56 [view ] -28.7379 155.8449 MAAP [view] Connection Atmos_in2016_t01 MAAP connected to Manifold MAAP connected to Manifold. Will cause a spike for other instruments
IN2016_V03 2016-06-21 01:18 [view ] -6.0002 -168.7512 MAAP [view] maintenance in2016_v03 disconnected MAAP from manifold, now sampling lab air Manifold unused line closed with swagelok end.
IN2017_T01 2017-09-30 20:30 [view ] -9.6359 144.6104 MAAP [view] Stop in2017_t01 MAAP found stopped on error.
IN2017_T01 2017-09-30 23:43 [view ] -9.2490 144.1514 MAAP [view] restarted in2017_t01 Restarted system numerous times to try clear error.
IN2017_T01 2017-10-01 01:27 [view ] -9.2449 143.8185 MAAP [view] Stop in2017_t01 MAAP cannot restart. Water degradation on sampling paper.
IN2018_T01 2018-04-12 23:30 [view ] -31.3683 154.1238 MAAP [view] Stop in2018_t01 MAAP shutdown due to high humidity
IN2019_E01 2019-07-28 02:24 [view ] -9.9570 135.4448 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_e01_Atmospherics Annual maintenance Opened up optics to discover the reflection optics are very soiled (see attached image) Need to fully disassemble optics to clean out properly in an IPA bath. The transmission optics have been discovered to be quite dirty as well.(see attached image) Removal of the stage has discovered that silicon has been applied in a poor manner to keep a seal on, but this has overflowed to stick the stage on in the back left corner. Cleaned up and removed this excess silicon. Removed the "O-ring" seal, and brass shim surrounding the transmission optics. Can& 39;t remove the transmission optics itself, so we& 39;re cleaning it in place with canned IPA and Q-tips making sure to clean the diode surfaces too. Cleaning the reflection optics in a bath of IPC and agitating Disassembling all the transmission optics and fully cleaning in ultrasonic bath, lots of rust everywhere. After cleaning, discovered some of the matte black paint on the stage has been removed - this puts into question the quality of the data going forward. Need to check data going forward. After full cleaning in bath, and rust removal with glass fibre pen and lots of q-tips, everything looked good. But after a while in the oven, Ian discovered liquid still in the reflection optics head. We took it apart a bit more to remove the excess water and while apart, put it in the oven for a few more hours.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-29 05:27 [view ] -10.9867 140.5987 MAAP [view] Observation in2019_e01_Atmospherics filter tape filter tape damaged on left hand side (new side)? swiching instrument off until someone can fix it.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-29 05:51 [view ] -10.9728 140.6818 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_e01_Atmospherics Fixed filter tape damage Stopped MAAP, opened up the head, cut out the damaged filter tape and taped the two parts together and wrapped it around a few times. Looks good now. Currently zeroing.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-29 10:18 [view ] -10.7607 141.5847 MAAP [view] Outage in2019_e01_Atmospherics Restarted to clear error after switching from manual mode.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-30 03:43 [view ] -9.4027 144.4167 MAAP [view] Change in2019_e01_Atmospherics BC concentration unit Changed displayed [BC] units from ug/m3 to ng/m3 at 03:45am UTC. The displayed concentration on the front screen was constantly 0.00 ug/m3. Post-change [BC] = 17ng/m3.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-30 06:21 [view ] -9.7608 144.7628 MAAP [view] Change in2019_e01_Atmospherics BC concentration unit after speaking to Ian McRobert, changed [BC] back to ug/m3 until all data processes downstream are verified and notified.
IN2019_E01 2019-07-31 00:36 [view ] -11.9413 145.4645 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_e01_Atmospherics Disconnected MAAP sample line for maintenance MAAP disconnected 12:20 hrs UTC
IN2019_E01 2019-07-31 00:38 [view ] -11.9412 145.4645 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_e01_Atmospherics flow audit & 39;as is& 39; flow audit, gilibrator drawing lab air, T1 and Tref co-located Gilibrator = 16.52 (n=5), MAAP = 16.67; error = 0.6% T1 = 24.8, Tref -= 23.8 MAAP baroP = 1014, Ref BaroP = 1014 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Adjustments: T1 adjusted - 1 BaroP unchanged -------------------------------------------------------------- Final checks: Gilibrator = 16.62 (n=5), MAAP = 16.67 LPM; error 0.3% T1 = 23.3, Tref = 23.4
IN2019_E01 2019-07-31 02:36 [view ] -11.9412 145.4645 MAAP [view] Observation in2019_e01_Atmospherics MAAP Ozone interference test stopped MAAP disconnected from Ozone calibrator and reconnected to aerosol sample line 02:35hrs. No evidence of ozone interference found.
IN2019_V03 2019-05-25 10:05 [view ] -27.4585 109.9740 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Maintenance in2019_v03_Atmospherics Temporary outage for maintenance
IN2019_V03 2019-06-12 08:18 [view ] -28.4557 113.4802 MAAP [view] Stop in2019_v03_Atmospherics Shut down for dry dock
IN2019_V06 2019-10-23 03:04 [view ] -14.3670 121.2468 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Changed the flow rate from 500 m3/hr to 700 m3/hr, and bypass flow from 7.3 to 4.0 LPM
IN2019_V06 2019-10-23 03:19 [view ] -14.3390 121.2358 MAAP [view] Fault in2019_v06_Atmospherics Error messages 0000 0000 0000 8000 = filter change condition already met again after a filter change has been carried out 0000 0000 0100 8000 = deviation > 5% 0000 0000 0120 8000 = Orifice pressure > 1 hPa 0000 0000 0130 8000 = Orifice pressure > 1 hPa + Suction chamber negative pressure < 10 hPa I think the deviation, orifice and suction chamber pressures are all associated with the variable flow rate. Not sure about the filter change idea.
IN2019_V06 2019-10-23 03:41 [view ] -14.2903 121.2360 MAAP [view] Fault in2019_v06_Atmospherics Took MAAP off main inlet (closed manifold tap) to test flow rate as source of error Seems turning the flowrates back up to 1000 m3/hr removed most of the errors. Not sure yet about the filter change error. I& 39;ve reconnected back to the inlet, running at 16.67 LPM and restarted the machine. This seems to have cleared all the errors for now.
IN2019_V06 2019-10-24 05:27 [view ] -14.2538 121.2908 MAAP [view] Outage in2019_v06_Atmospherics Stopped operation temporarily to explore MAAP menu for pump control
IN2019_V06 2019-10-26 13:32 [view ] -13.9130 122.0900 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow rate change Flow rate lowered to 700LM to increase effect of nafions
IN2019_V06 2019-10-27 00:14 [view ] -13.4395 121.5502 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Changed MAAP flow back to 1000 LPH Came in to find Will had changed the flow rate down to 700 LPH about 11 hours ago and the MAAP is now throwing errors and not maintaining flow - same as previous. I& 39;ve changed it back and restarted the instrument to clear the persistent errors.
IN2019_V06 2019-11-06 06:01 [view ] -13.7987 121.9597 MAAP [view] Outage in2019_v06_Atmospherics Disconnected from main line and turned off manifold tap to work on MAAP pump to reduce flow rate Back in service at 06:23
IN2019_V06 2019-11-06 16:58 [view ] -13.7998 121.9578 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics Humidity approaching 50% - Flow Increased to 1.3l/m
IN2019_V06 2019-11-06 20:43 [view ] -13.7972 121.9568 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Stop in2019_v06_Atmospherics Humidity persistently above 50% Shut down the instrument including the pump. Maintaining flow of air from the dryer
IN2019_V06 2019-11-06 22:27 [view ] -13.7965 121.9568 MAAP [view] Start in2019_v06_Atmospherics Restarted after instructions for Ian McRobert 50% is safe. Outside spec for data quality, but safe.
IN2019_V06 2019-11-12 18:15 [view ] -11.0093 133.3165 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics flow rate change testing @flow = 1000l/hr, reg = 33.7%. Stable @flow = 900l/hr, reg = 29.2%. Stable @flow = 800l/hr, reg = 21.8%. Stable @flow = 700l/hr, reg = ---------- Unstable @flow = 750l/hr, reg <20% Unstable @flow = 790l/hr, reg = 19.6%. Stable @flow = 780l/hr, reg = 19.2%. Stable Test completed @ 0635UTC
IN2019_V06 2019-11-12 19:43 [view ] -11.1995 133.4303 MAAP [view] Stop in2019_v06_Atmospherics stopped for outlet modification Adding speed controller between MAAP outlet and pump. Suspect some restriction here may allow lower flows to be stable
IN2019_V06 2019-11-12 19:45 [view ] -11.1997 133.4305 MAAP [view] Start in2019_v06_Atmospherics restart following outlet modification speed controller added, left fully open flow regulator @33.7%, flow 1000l/hr, as before
IN2019_V06 2019-11-12 19:47 [view ] -11.1998 133.4305 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow rate change tests Sample humidity 50% at start of test Flow rate: @1000l/hr, reg 33.7%, Stable @800l/hr, reg 20.9%, stable speed controller adjusted (orifice reduced) @800l/hr, reg 33.9%, stable @750l/hr, reg 30.6%, stable @700l/hr, reg 25.9%, stable @650l/hr, reg 18.0%, stable speed controller adjusted (orifice reduced) @650l/hr, reg 34.0%, stable sample humidity 39% @600l/hr, reg 28.7%, stable speed controller adjusted (orifice reduced) @550l/hr, reg 34.0%, stable @500l/hr, reg25.5%, stable sample humidity 33.7% Flow rate left at 500l/hr
IN2019_V06 2019-11-12 20:13 [view ] -11.2030 133.4312 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics MAAP flow rate reduced to 500l/hr Based on testing, the MAAP flow rate has been reduced to 500L/hr, from1000L/hr. To ensure VSCC is at correct flow (1000L/hr), a bypass is running at 7.33l/min, and the sample line monitoring (t,rh,p) at 1l/min 7.33+1+8.33 = 16.66l/min = 1000L/hr Sample humidity 33.7%, Dew Point 8.75C. External air dew point = 23.5C
IN2019_V06 2019-11-14 22:11 [view ] -11.2073 133.4453 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Bypass flow conditions changed T&RH flow stopped for maintenance on the MFC. Normally 1LPM Bypass flow increased to 8.33 (from 7.33) to compensate, to ensure cutoff remains accurate.
IN2019_V06 2019-11-14 22:14 [view ] -11.2073 133.4455 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Outage in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow stopped Flow stopped for MFC 179326 maintenance (swap sensor location from downstream to upstream)
IN2019_V06 2019-11-14 23:51 [view ] -11.2075 133.4463 MAAP [view] Outage in2019_v06_Atmospherics bypass vacuum disconnected for last 1:40:00 Bypass vacuum was off for previous 1:40:00 (ihr 40mins) due to error with vacuum supply
IN2019_V06 2019-11-14 23:54 [view ] -11.2077 133.4462 MAAP [view] Start in2019_v06_Atmospherics MAAP flow conditions restored MAAP flow with bypass and TRH sensors operating normally
IN2019_V06 2019-11-14 23:55 [view ] -11.2077 133.4462 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Start in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow back on following MFC maintenance MFC 179326 now has sensor upstream of valve. Pressure sensor monitors sample flow hence volumetric flow measurement is more representative of flow through nafion and sample line
IN2019_V06 2019-11-15 20:21 [view ] -11.2095 133.4387 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Bypass MFC swapped for upstream ssensor The MFC for the bypass ( 179327) had a sensor downstream of the valve. Parameters before change: - Control: 7.33 LPM Vol Flow - Vol Flow = 7.33 LPM - Mass FLow = 6.07 SLPM - pressure = 848mBarA I have swapped it for one with the sensor upstream ( 179324), making the measured volumetric flow more representative of VSCC flow (measured at same pressure). Parameters after change: - Control: 7.33 LPM Vol Flow - Vol Flow = 7.33 LPM - Mass FLow = 7.07 SLPM - Pressure = 987 mBarA Better for the VSCC
IN2019_V06 2019-11-15 21:29 [view ] -11.2072 133.4427 MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics Bypass MFC swapped for original MFC, with upstream sensor The MAAP bypass now has its original MFC ( 179327), with upstream sensor. Parameters after change: - Control: 7.33 LPM Vol Flow - Vol Flow = 7.33 LPM - Mass FLow = 7.12 SLPM - Pressure = 993 mBarA
IN2019_V06 2019-11-18 17:50 [view ] -11.8495 131.5173 MAAP [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Bypass and TRH branch flows adjusted I have adjusted the flows of the Bypass and TRH sensor branch flows to improve drying efficacy. Conditions before change (all volumetric flows): MAAP flow = 8.33LPM Bypass Flow = 7.33LPM TRH Sensor Flow = 1.0LPM Conditions after change: MAAP Flow = 8.33 LPM Bypass Flow = 7.83 LPM TRH Sensor Flow = 0.50 LPM
IN2019_V06 2019-11-18 17:54 [view ] -11.8523 131.5072 MAAP T&RH Sensor [view] Change in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow rate reduced to 0.5LPM (Vol) Flow rate reduced to try to improve dryer efficacy. See MAAP entry for more details
IN2019_V06 2019-12-18 01:11 [view ] MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics VSCC cleaned a little bit of black carbon, but not too bad
IN2019_V06 2019-12-18 01:24 [view ] MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics HEPA zero check Tested with zero filter 1036015 Zero check passed - instrument reports zero as expected
IN2019_V06 2019-12-18 01:42 [view ] MAAP [view] Maintenance in2019_v06_Atmospherics Flow check Tested flow with Gilibrator with high flow cell 1810008-H. Air drawn from Lab, plumbed into MAAP input System nominal (MAAP reported) flow: 448Nl/h, 500l/h Gilibrator flow (average of 5): 8.008 L/min
IN2021_V02 2021-04-14 22:50 [view ] -43.3208 147.4877 MAAP [view] Change Atmospherics Enable Black Carbon Conc on pump controller Enabled Black Carbon Concentration on Aerosol Air Sampling Pump Controller 0194 board interface

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