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Data Trawler

The Data Trawler is a portal to query and download public data from CSIRO voyages and projects. Data types include underway, multibeam, CTD, Hydrology, catch composition and specimens, gravity, wildlife observations and sub-bottom profile data. There are links to the Marlin metadata catalogue, deployments, reports, science publications and maps.

To obtain data, you will be required to enter an email address which can be done at anytime from a data download page. To access custodian data, please use the login form on the right.

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Latest voyage of the RV Investigator.

Voyage: IN2022_V09 [details]

22° 14.4' S    112° 37.0' E
26-Nov-2022 12:00 UTC.
(129 mins ago)

View track using the Near Real-time Underway Data (NRUD).

View the RV Investigator blog for voyage news.

Where is the ship now?

View the Ship Map.

Latest ship position is retrieved from near real-time data from the ship and is also available on the AODN website.

Need to find when or where the ship was?

Use the Ship Location tool to query by time and/or position from underway data collected since 1985.

Find out how close the ship was to a particular point.

Identify marine data within complex regions.

Use the ARMADA tool to identify the spatial and temporal extent of each data type within Marine Protected Areas or Key Ecological Features and optionally extract the data.

This set of tools are prototypes for demonstrating concepts of aggregating data via web services from data providers around Australia as part of a NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub project.


Use theWaypoints tool to record a set of waypoints, which can then be exported in a variety of formats (rux, excel, kml, CARIS, SIS and GPX).

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