Data Trawler - Overview of Data holdings

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Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

ADCP Data - [view map]

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data has been collected since 1987 from over 300 voyages with more than 700,000 positions yielding 15 million discrete velocity measurements. Over that period, the original processed data format has varied considerably from text files to various versions of netCDF. The Data Trawler provides a method to extract the ADCP data into one format.

CSIRO O&A Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP) Data Overview (1987 - present)

This dataset contains the processed Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP) data collected on Australia's Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Franklin, RV Southern Surveyor and RV Investigator from 2007 to present. The ADCP instrument typically operates at frequencies of 75kHz and 150khz. with respective maximum depths of 800 and 300 metres. The typical ensemble period is 5 minutes with depth bands ranging from 8 to 16 metres. The RV Investigator dataset has been QCed by the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Data Acquisition and Processing group. The data can be retrieved via CSIRO O&A Data Trawler from each survey page, please see link below. The ADCP data format has evolved over time and this dataset has been sourced from about 15 data formats from csv to early adoption of netCDF formats. The data quality is likely to be varied so it is prudent to view each survey's data processing report.

see Marlin record: - link

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Mapping layer(s): - mnf:adcp_public_data

AODN Mapping layer: - aodn:ADCP_ensembles

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