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Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

Sea Surface Temperature - [view map]

SST data from Investigator

RV Investigator ISAR/SST Sea Surface Temperature Data Overview (2014 onwards)

This record describes the ISAR/SST Sea Surface Temperature data collected on the RV Investigator Voyages from 2014 onwards. The infrared SST autonomous radiometer (ISAR) is a self-calibrating instrument capable of measuring in situ sea surface skin temperature to an accuracy of 0.1 K. The SST Radiometer is mounted on the port bridge wing, approximately 19.593m above the summer load line. The RV Investigator ISAR skin SST data are also supplied both in real-time ( and in delayed mode after reprocessing ( and These reprocessed files will be particularly valuable for satellite SST validation (as the ISAR measures SST at the same depth as measured by satellites) and are currently (2017) being used by EUMETSAT for Sentinel-3 SST validation and to JMA and Oceans University China for Himawari-8 SST validation. Further information can be found in the data and documentation links below.

see Marlin record: - link

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Sea surface temperature measurements

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AODN Mapping layer: - aodn:SST_measurements

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