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Overview of Data holdings - CSIRO O&A Data Centre

Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

Sediment sampling - [view map]

Sampling of sediments has occurred on many voyages using sleds, dredges, grabs and corers. Records of sampling have been taken from a variety of sources and merged into one product. Two principal sources are the CSIRO Exploration and Mining voyages in 1990's and Geoscience Australia MARine Sediments (MARS) database downloaded in June 2013. MARS was queried for all RV Franklin and RV Southern Surveyor records. The rest of the sites have been extracted from voyage summary reports and where possible the MARS records have had additional details added including water depth and on-board commentary on the samples collected. Many of the sampling events do not have dates although the position is recorded quite accurately. Metadata records are missing for some voyages and will be added. In the interim, refer to the voyage reports for details including stations that failed to acquire samples.

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Sediment sampling sites (MNF voyages - blue, CMAR voyages - yellow)
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