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Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

Radon measurements - [view map]

RV Investigator Radon Data - Selected Voyages (2014 onwards)

The Radon measurements are obtained from a sensor mounted on the Research Vessel RV Investigator of the Australian Marine National Facility (MNF) managed by CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere (O&A), and processed by ANSTO's Institute for Environmental Research. The dataset includes quality-controlled data collected from 2014 onwards. The RV Investigator voyages where data was collected and processed are listed below in this record. Potential users of the dataset are encouraged to discuss any aspects of its application with the contact persons listed in the dataset “Notes” tab: we are very enthusiastic and keen to support and participate in your science! REFERENCES: Zahorowski, W. and Whittlestone, S. (1999). Radon database 1987-1996: A review. In: Baseline Atmospheric Program (Australia) 1996 (eds. Gras, JL, Derek N, Tindale, NW, and Dick, AL). Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO Atmospheric Research, Melbourne, 71-80. Zahorowski, W. et al. (2013). Constraining annual and seasonal radon-222 flux density from the Southern Ocean using radon-222 concentrations in the boundary layer at Cape Grim. Tellus B, 65. ISSN 1600-0889. doi: Chambers, SD, Hong, SB, Williams, AG, Crawford, J, Griffiths, AD, & Park, SJ (2014). Characterising terrestrial influences on Antarctic air masses using Radon-222 measurements at King George Island. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14(18), 9903-9916. doi: Chambers, S, Williams, AG, Zahorowski, W, Griffiths, A and Crawford, J. (2011). Separating remote fetch and local mixing influences on vertical radon measurements in the lower atmosphere. Tellus B, 63: 843-859. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0889.2011.00565.x. Griffiths AD, Chambers SD, Williams AG and Werczynski SR. (2016). Increasing the accuracy and temporal resolution of two-filter radon-222 measurements by correcting for the instrument response. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9:2689-2707. doi:10.5194/amt-9-2689-2016.

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Radon measurements

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