Data Trawler - Overview of Data holdings

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Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

Towed CTD - [view map]

CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere: RV Franklin SeaSoar Data Overview (1988 - 2002)

This dataset contains the Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) data collected using the towed profiling Seasoar platform on RV Franklin voyages: fr198804; fr198913; fr199010; fr199103; fr199109; fr199209; fr199301; fr199310; fr199409; fr199508; fr199509; fr199607; fr199704; fr199707; fr199802; fr199810; fr199902; fr200102. Where possible, all transects have been loaded into the Data Trawler and also accessible at AODN. Original processed data is in text, matlab or netCDF formats and each voyage will have one or more of these formats within each download.

see Marlin record: - link

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Each CTD tow shown as one of ten distinct random colours

Mapping layer(s): - mnf:trajectory_public

AODN Mapping layer: - aodn:Towed_CTD

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