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Use this tool to record a set of waypoints, which can then be exported in a variety of formats (rux, excel, kml, CARIS, SIS and GPX). Use this to also control what waypoints are visible on the RV Investigator Map page

If pages are truncated, Hold shift key down and then Waypoints home page.

  • The Excel version contains distances and time taken between waypoints (at a user specified speed) and totals for the entire set.
  • RUX formatted files can be used in the ship's planning tool. Email or use USB to transfer the rux file to the bridge. (see details)
  • GPX formatted files can be used in OpenCPN chart plotter tool or equivalent.

A JSON feed of any waypoint sets (shown on RV Investigator Map page) can be obtained from http://intranet.investigator.csiro.au/data/waypoints/api.

List of waypoint sets - sorted by voyage. Click on column to sort. Add a new set of waypoint(s)

Waypoint set nameedit/mapVoyage?Show on MapPointsDescriptionFiles
Hydrographic Sites edit | map 8 Boxes for hydrographic sites
in2019Vv02_leg_3 edit | map 8
in2019Vv02_leg_2 edit | map 16
in2016_t02 edit | map 34
edit | map in2023_v02
edit | map in2022_v06 5
in2020_v06 edit | map in2020_v06 41
in2019Vv02_leg_1 edit | map in2019_v02 65
deep survey edit | map in2018_v05 4 off montague island to gap fill GA coverage
IN2018_V3 EAC edit | map in2018_v03 37
in2018_v02 edit | map in2018_v02 8
in2018_t01 edit | map in2018_t01 30
IN2016_V04 plan edit | map in2016_v04 15 Planning for in2016_v04 - June 2016
Bermagui reef edit | map in2016_v04 8 Bermagui 12 Mile Reef is 16.2 km (8.75 nautical miles) east-southeast of the coast of New South Wales. What is the latitude and longitude of Bermagui 12 Mile Reef? In the near vicinity of Bermagui 12 Mile Reef the water depth ranges from about 117 to 128 metres deep (64.1 to 69.7 fathoms / 385 to 418 feet).
Montague Island survey 2 edit | map in2016_v04 13
Montage Island survey edit | map in2016_v04 8
HEOBI edit | map IN2016_V01 18
in2016_e01 edit | map IN2016_E01 16
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