Data Trawler - Overview of Data holdings

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Overview of Data holdings

This page describes the current data holdings by data type that the Data Trawler can deliver.

Multibeam echosounder - [view map]

Multibeam echosounder data is not stored in the warehouse, only the references to the individual survey lines. These files are typically of one hour duration and the extent of the multibeam echosounder mapping is calculated using the start/end point and the average depth. If the depth is not known, it is assumed to be 1000 m. The current multibeam system (EM122) on RV Investigator can reach full ocean depth. It's complementary system (EM710) produces spatially more precise data and is limited to about 1,500 m. The multibeam echosounder (EM300) on the RV Southern Surveyor was limited to 4,000 m yielding a potential maximum swath width on the seabed of 16 km.

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Multibeam echsounder coverage

Mapping layer(s): - mnf:multibeam_em300 mnf:multibeam_reson8101 mnf:multibeam_em122 mnf:multibeam_em710

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