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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS199708 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Operation No.: 447

When: 29-Oct-1997 10:27 to 29-Oct-1997 10:57 UTC

Where: 12° 49.1' S    141° 32.1' E
to 12° 47.8' S    141° 31.2' E

Maximum Depth (m): 22

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
**non-current code** Apogonichthyoides atripes37327009 [details]10.002
Anodontostoma chacunda37085015 [details]10.07
Bregmacerotidae - undifferentiated37225000 [details]20.002
Class Scyphozoa - undifferentiated11120000 [details]20.042
Dussumieria elopsoides37085010 [details]10.003
Elates ransonnettii37296013 [details]10.007
Encrasicholina heteroloba37086015 [details]20.005
Equulites moretoniensis37341012 [details]10.001
Eubleekeria splendens37341010 [details]170.24
Gerres macracanthus37349021 [details]20.053
Jaydia poecilopterus37327026 [details]350.234
Jaydia truncata37327013 [details]90.064
Leiognathus ruconius37341015 [details]10.013
Loliginidae - undifferentiated23617000 [details]20.073
Metapenaeopsis spp.28711913 [details]80.02
Order Pennatulacea - undifferentiated11208000 [details]100.029
Pentaprion longimanus37349002 [details]30.008
Portunus hastatoides28911030 [details]40.003
Sardinella albella37085014 [details]360.542
Sardinella gibbosa37085013 [details]551.067
Saurida grandisquamis37118016 [details]70.139
Sepiidae - undifferentiated23607000 [details]10.002
Stolephorus advenus37086020 [details]10.005
Thryssa setirostris37086004 [details]10.02
Trachypenaeus spp.28711909 [details]110.02
Gear details
Florida Flyer cod-end cover
Deployment observations.
Bottom type:Sand
Cloud cover:2/8
Sea direction:45 degrees
Sea state:Rippled
Instruments used.
InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Florida Flyer
Florida Flyer cod-end cover
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