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Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota (CAAB) Taxon Report

Animalia (kingdom)  »  Chordata (phylum)  »  Actinopterygii (class)  »  Scorpaeniformes (order)  »  Scorpaenidae (family)

CAAB Code: 37 287900     Taxa superceded by 37 287000 show as JSON
Scientific Name
and Authority


Rank: Family
CAAB category: 37 - Pisces Fishes
Family: 37 287 Scorpaenidae (Scorpionfishes) - show full list
Standard Name: [a scorpionfish]
Standard (Commercial) Name(s): Coral Perch
Organism Type: a scorpionfish
Taxon lists: Current Australian list:
Commercial species list:
Standard Fish Names List:
Parent Codes: 37 287000     Apistidae, Neosebastidae, Plectrogeniidae, Pteroidae, Scorpaenidae, Sebastidae, Setarchidae, Synanceiidae & Tetrarogidae
Child Codes: 37 287919     Hipposcorpaena spp.
37 287926     Neomerinthe spp.
37 287932     Parascorpaena spp.
37 287933     Phenacoscorpius spp.
37 287956     Pontinus spp.
37 287935     Pteroidichthys spp.
37 287937     Rhinopias spp.
37 287904     Scorpaena spp.
37 287939     Scorpaenodes spp.
37 287940     Scorpaenopsis spp.
37 287941     Sebastapistes spp.
37 287945     Taenianotus spp.
Previous Codes
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Taxon Notes:This code resurrected for family Scorpaenidae after 37 287 split into 8 or so families.
Common/Standard Name Notes: The marketing name 'Coral Perch' was originally applied to a much broader 'family Scorpaenidae' (ie, all families now coded at 37 287). Marketing names applying to these groups should be reconsidered.

World Register of Marine Species
Name status: accepted    Checked on: 2018-07-13
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