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Title: Southern Surveyor - general vessel operations, gear trials, etc.
Id: 1545
Acronym: Southern Surveyor National Facility - vessel operations


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

S. McCullum (CMAR) 1.Winch Testing(CMAN2 8.1 )All winches: test operation; spooling; and controls (dogbox, cathouse, remote controls, bridge controls) by paying out and retrieving while underway. 2.Winch Monitoring Testing(CMAN2 8.1)-Operational testing of winch monitoring system 3.Electrical thermoghaphic test -Thermography of Main Switchboards and associated Control Panels. 4.CTD Winch testing - One CTD test cast will be undertaken in conjunction with testing of the two CTD winches systems ,the second CTD winch will be tested with a small weight. 5.Acoustics Calibration - EM300 and Doppler log calibration will be performed through a series of 6 runs at the designated site. 6.Main Engine and Turbo Charger (CMAN2 2.1)- A series of controlled power increases and inspections will be undertaken in accordance with Main Engine Manufactures testing guidelines.Testing of Main Engine 7.Met Station Testing - Operational testing of the Met system 8.Various DAP systems testing - Operational testing of various ship's scientific systems will be carried following maintenance during the port period. These will be carried out opportunistically and should be transparent to vessel operations. 9.Air and Water greenhouse sensor System. Setup and testing of underway air /water greenhouse sensor system

S. Thomas (CMAR) The ship departed Hobart at 0815, Sunday 31st July 2011 to conduct SS2011_e03 Sea Trials. The trials concluded in Hobart at 1730 on the same day. Objectives of the sea trial were to: · Test the vessel's Dynamic Positioning System following repairs · Test the EZ Net system following repairs and upgrades · Recover a mooring for Rudy Kloser (time permitting)

D McKenzie Sea trials and acoustic calibrations

S. Thomas (CMAR) Transit to dry dock, ship traveling at 6 knots testing UWY only. New staff orientation.

D McKenzie MNF Operations Manager (CMAR) Sea trial, Macquarie Wharf to Selfs Point to refuel and testing auto pilot before returning to CSIRO wharf. 27th August 2010.

Drew Mills (CMAR) Southern Surveyor SS2010_E01 gear trial. Voyage Objectives 1. Complete electrical load-sharing, CPP and vessel station-keeping tests. 2. Calibrate / commission the recently-installed Skipper Doppler log. 3. Deploy and operate the EZ Net. Provide training in instrument operations to other MNF support staff 4. Deploy and operate new MNF Tow-Yow system. Develop operational handling and data acquisition procedures 5. Operate EM300 Multibeam system. Acquire data for verification of recent system modifications. Develop operational procedures for new SiS software package 6. Operate underway data acquisition systems

Don McKenzie (CMAR) The vessel will sail on Thursday morning at 1100 and steam to a suitable site for the re-spooling - SE of Tasman Island - and is due back at 1100 Friday. If the weather conditions are suitable Tim Ryan and Mark Lewis will then take the ship to White Rock to carry out an acoustic calibration and they will be back at 1700.
SE 03/2008

SE 3/2008 was a one day sea trial testing the new TECHSAS data acquisition system.
SE 02/2008

Ian Hawkes (Voyage Manager) SE 2/2008 was a one day sea trial testing the new TECHSAS data acquisition system.
SE 01/2008

A brief gear testing voyage off Sydney
ST 07/2007

T. Ryan (CMAR)
ST 06/2007

R. Kloser (CMAR)
ST 05/2007

Unmanned transit from Madang to Cairns. No data collected.
ST 04/2007

C. Yeats (CSIRO Exploration and Mining) The Cheshire Seamount lies close the the western tip of the Woodlark oceanic spreading ridge where it is actively propagating into continental crust, a globally unusual setting. This project aims to sample the crest of Cheshire Seamount and test the feature for hydrothermal activity. The work is closely related to SS200706, which immediately follows the transit and is an extension of previous MNF voyages led by CSIRO-ANU.
Voyage Objectives
Utilising high resoultion multibeam and sidescan images recently collected and provided by Nautilus Minerals, the primary objectives in this project are:
  1. To dredge sample the crest of Cheshire Seamount and other volcanic features of interest, with the aim of recovering fractional volcanic rocks.
  2. To test the volcano and these other features for hydrothermal activity, using CTD-hydrocasts, deep tow video, dredge and grab sampling.
ST 03/2007

Transit from Hobart to Fremantle. During a scheduled transit from Hobart to Fremantle three Apex Profiler floats were deployed, a short section of ocean floor was sub-bottom profiled, a new CMAR PCO2 system was calibrated and a standard underway dataset was collected
ST 01/2007

Transit voyage from Hobart to Port Lincoln.
SE 01/2007

Southern Surveyor gear trials.
SE 01/2006

Rudy Kloser (CMAR) Sea Trials out of Hobart.
SS 72/2004

Southern Surveyor Transit from Hobart to Sydney. Bernadette Heaney and Steve Thomas worked on this voyage to test equipment and acquire data. Underway and Swath Map data were acquired.
ST 1/2004

Rudy Kloser Transit from Sydney to Hobart. SWATH data was collected. No Voyage plan or summary.
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