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Period: 2012-04-09 00:00 to 2012-04-10 00:00 UTC

Duration: 1.00 days

From: Hobart To: Hobart

Region: River Derwent, Storm Bay.

Ship: Southern Surveyor [details]

Description: 1.Winch Testing(CMAN2 8.1 )All winches: test operation; spooling; and controls (dogbox, cathouse, remote controls, bridge controls) by paying out and retrieving while underway. 2.Winch Monitoring Testing(CMAN2 8.1)-Operational testing of winch monitoring system 3.Electrical thermoghaphic test -Thermography of Main Switchboards and associated Control Panels. 4.CTD Winch testing - One CTD test cast will be undertaken in conjunction with testing of the two CTD winches systems ,the second CTD winch will be tested with a small weight. 5.Acoustics Calibration - EM300 and Doppler log calibration will be performed through a series of 6 runs at the designated site. 6.Main Engine and Turbo Charger (CMAN2 2.1)- A series of controlled power increases and inspections will be undertaken in accordance with Main Engine Manufactures testing guidelines.Testing of Main Engine 7.Met Station Testing - Operational testing of the Met system 8.Various DAP systems testing - Operational testing of various ship's scientific systems will be carried following maintenance during the port period. These will be carried out opportunistically and should be transparent to vessel operations. 9.Air and Water greenhouse sensor System. Setup and testing of underway air /water greenhouse sensor system

Leader: S. McCullum (CMAR)

Project: Southern Surveyor - general vessel operations, gear trials, etc. [details]

Map extents: 50° 00.0' S to 0° 00.0' N    95° 00.0' E to 180° 00.0' E Get voyage track shapefile Get CSV

Metadata - No Marlin metadata records found or has not been linked to this survey or potentially the metadata catalogue is offline.

Participants - on ship:-

Brett Muir CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart
Chris Caldow University of Wollongong
Clare Murphy University of Wollongong
Dagmar Kubistin University of Wollongong
Drew Mills CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart
Graham Kettlewell University of Wollongong
Greg Taylor Taylor Bros
Hugh Barker CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart
Lindsay MacDonald CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart
Muhtar Latif Kongsberg
Nathan Krakawiak Taylor Bros
Nick Fleming P&O Engineer P & O
Scott Fletcher Thermography
Stephen McCullum Principal Investigator CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart
Tara Martin CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
Trevor Grant TGE

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