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Deployment Details

Survey: - SO198301 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 116

Operation No.: 116

When: 19-Feb-1983 02:16 to 19-Feb-1983 02:46 UTC

Where: 19° 55.6' S    117° 56.2' E
to 19° 54.7' S    117° 57.2' E

Maximum Depth (m): unknown

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
Abalistes stellatus37465011 [details]
Alcyoniidae - undifferentiated11176000 [details]56
Anacanthus barbatus37465010 [details]
Aptychotrema vincentiana37027001 [details]
Argyrops spinifer37353006 [details]
Ascidacea-solitary [SS list, 2000]99350002 [details]0.5
Carangoides caeruleopinnatus37337021 [details]
Carangoides chrysophrys37337011 [details]
Carangoides fulvoguttatus37337037 [details]
Carangoides gymnostethus37337022 [details]
Caranx tille37337049 [details]
Centriscus scutatus37280001 [details]
Chaetodermis penicilligerus37465013 [details]
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi37365009 [details]
Chelmon marginalis37365007 [details]
Choerodon cauteroma37384005 [details]
Choerodon cephalotes37384004 [details]
Choerodon monostigma37384008 [details]
Choerodon sugillatum37384009 [details]
Choerodon vitta37384006 [details]
Chromis fumea37372004 [details]
Class Asteroidea - undifferentiated25102000 [details]0.2
Class Crinoidea - undifferentiated25001000 [details]1.2
Coradion chrysozonus37365004 [details]
Decapterus russelli37337023 [details]
Diagramma pictum37350003 [details]
Epinephelus coioides37311007 [details]
Epinephelus maculatus37311011 [details]
Epinephelus multinotatus37311010 [details]
Fistularia petimba37278002 [details]
Gorgonacea-sea fan [SS list, 2000]99110008 [details]8
Grammatobothus polyophthalmus37460010 [details]
Gymnocranius elongatus37351010 [details]
Gymnura australis37037001 [details]
Heniochus diphreutes37365005 [details]
Lactoria diaphana37466007 [details]
Lagocephalus sceleratus37467007 [details]
Lethrinus genivittatus37351002 [details]
Lethrinus lentjan37351007 [details]
Lethrinus olivaceus37351004 [details]
Lethrinus sp. [Carpenter, pers comm]37351001 [details]10.5
Lutjanus erythropterus37346005 [details]
Lutjanus lemniscatus37346010 [details]
Lutjanus malabaricus37346007 [details]
Lutjanus sebae37346004 [details]
Lutjanus vitta37346003 [details]
Nemipterus celebicus37347004 [details]0.6
Nemipterus furcosus37347005 [details]1.5
Nemipterus peronii37347003 [details]
Neotrygon australiae37035004 [details]
Neotrygon leylandi37035013 [details]
Parupeneus heptacanthus37355004 [details]
Parupeneus indicus37355005 [details]
Pentapodus porosus37347007 [details]
Platax batavianus37362002 [details]
Plectorhinchus gibbosus37350012 [details]
Plectropomus maculatus37311012 [details]
Porifera bushy [SS list, 2000]99100001 [details]31.5
Porifera lumpy [SS list, 2000]99100005 [details]24
Psettodes erumei37457001 [details]
Pseudomonacanthus elongatus37465029 [details]
Pseudomonacanthus peroni37465020 [details]
Pseudorhombus diplospilus37460015 [details]
Pterocaesio chrysozona37346009 [details]
Rhabdamia gracilis37327022 [details]
Rhynchostracion nasus37466005 [details]
Saurida undosquamis37118001 [details]1.3
Scarus ghobban37386001 [details]
Scolopsis monogramma37347006 [details]
Selaroides leptolepis37337015 [details]
Siganus fuscescens37438001 [details]
Sphyraena forsteri37382005 [details]
Symphorus nematophorus37346017 [details]
Synodus sageneus37118004 [details]
Tragulichthys jaculiferus37469004 [details]
Upeneus guttatus37355008 [details]
Upeneus luzonius37355009 [details]
Upeneus tragula37355014 [details]
holothurian - red stripes [old NWS database, 2001]99250044 [details]2
large cup sponges [old NWS database, 2001]99100048 [details]4
large flat sponges [old NWS database, 2001]99100049 [details]5
orange spiral sponge [old NWS database, 2001]99100054 [details]1
Gear details
Demersal Frank & Bryce trawl
Deployment observations.
Cloud cover:2/8
Sea direction:330 degrees
Sea state:Rippled
Wind direction:330 degrees
Wind force:Gentle Breeze
Instruments used.
InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Demersal Frank & Bryce trawl
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