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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS199708 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Operation No.: 434

When: 27-Oct-1997 20:12 to 27-Oct-1997 20:27 UTC

Where: 16° 44.6' S    139° 57.5' E
to 16° 43.6' S    139° 57.3' E

Maximum Depth (m): 24.8

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
**non-current code** Coelocarteria singaporensis10073002 [details]0.001
**non-current code** Halimede ochtodes28926015 [details]20.018
**non-current code** Suberea ianthelliformis10125005 [details]0.157
Allogalathea elegans28840004 [details]10
Amphinomidae - undifferentiated22021000 [details]10.019
Arcidae - undifferentiated23226000 [details]10.001
Asteroid 24 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250104 [details]10.001
Astropecten sp. 3 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250115 [details]10.061
Aulacolambrus hoplonotus28895001 [details]20.005
Axinellidae - undifferentiated10090000 [details]0.01
Basket star 1 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250244 [details]10.056
Brittle star 11 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250221 [details]10
Brittle star 5 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250215 [details]600.133
Bryozoan 23 [Cleveland list, 2002]99200037 [details]0.008
Bryozoan 25 [Cleveland list, 2002]99200039 [details]0.081
Bryozoan 3 [Cleveland list, 2002]99200020 [details]0.015
Cardiidae - undifferentiated23335000 [details]10.001
Chicoreus cervicornis24200020 [details]220.03
Class Asteroidea - undifferentiated25102000 [details]10.067
Class Echinoidea - undifferentiated25200000 [details]40.096
Clypeaster sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250147 [details]10.033
Conchoecetes artificiosus28852008 [details]10.009
Crinoid 11 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250075 [details]60.035
Crinoid 13 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250077 [details]40.018
Crinoid 21 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250085 [details]10.007
Didemnid 24 [Cleveland list, 2002]99350069 [details]0.032
Diogenes sp. 3 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280275 [details]220.006
Ebalia lambriformis28876041 [details]20.001
Filograna sp. [Cleveland list, 2001]99220124 [details]0.001
Flabellum sp. [Cleveland list, 2001]99110166 [details]10.004
Halichondriidae - undifferentiated10093000 [details]0.132
Hyastenus sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280235 [details]300.117
Hydroid 5 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110083 [details]0
Hydroid 8 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110086 [details]0.001
Luidia maculata25105005 [details]30.19
Malleidae - undifferentiated23237000 [details]20.078
Metapenaeopsis spp.28711913 [details]30.002
Metrodira subulata25143013 [details]20.016
Micippa sp. [Cleveland list, 2001]99280232 [details]70.016
Mitridae - undifferentiated24211000 [details]10.002
Muricidae - undifferentiated24200000 [details]30.007
Myra eudactyla28876024 [details]10.003
Nodolambrus nodosus28895019 [details]70.033
Order Alcyonacea - undifferentiated11173000 [details]20.079
Order Spatangoida - undifferentiated25290000 [details]10.001
Paradorippe australiensis28870002 [details]20.002
Parthenope longimanus28895002 [details]10.001
Pectinidae - undifferentiated23270000 [details]10.008
Pegasus volitans37309002 [details]20.01
Phalangipus longipes28880034 [details]70.003
Phloeodictyidae - undifferentiated10101000 [details]0.044
Photopectoralis bindus37341002 [details]20
Polycarpa chinensis35033067 [details]60.004
Portunus gracilimanus28911027 [details]10.001
Portunus hastatoides28911030 [details]40.003
Prionocidaris sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250142 [details]20.029
Prismatopus aculeatus28880035 [details]10.002
Pseudolambrus harpax28895023 [details]90.033
Pterocaesio digramma37346050 [details]10.002
Ranellidae - undifferentiated24176000 [details]60.004
Retiflustra cornea20322001 [details]0.001
Rhabdamia gracilis37327022 [details]30.001
Rhinolambrus longispinus28895003 [details]20.009
Rhopalaea crassa35012002 [details]10.026
Saurida grandisquamis37118016 [details]10.001
Scyllarus sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280302 [details]30.002
Sea Pen 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110102 [details]10.001
Sphenopus marsupialis11287001 [details]10.014
Spiropagurus sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280277 [details]10.003
Stellaster childreni25122026 [details]140.138
Styelidae - undifferentiated35033000 [details]20.002
Triphyllozoon sp. [Cleveland list, 2002]99200046 [details]0.006
Urchin 6 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250141 [details]10.002
Urnalana whitei28876021 [details]10.002
Veneridae - undifferentiated23380000 [details]10
Xanthidae - undifferentiated28920000 [details]10
Xenophoridae - undifferentiated24145000 [details]30.003
Gear details
Benthic sled
Instruments used.
InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Benthic sled
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