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sea level books

Ocean Circulation and Climate , 2nd Edition
A 21st century perspective

Editor(s) : Siedler & Griffies & Gould & Church

Release Date: 01 Nov 2013

Imprint:Academic PressPrint Book

ISBN :9780123918512

eBook ISBN :9780123918536

Pages: 904

Provides an up-to-date summary of the state of the science relating to the role of the oceans in the physical climate system


Cover of the Sea Level book

Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability released in September 2010.

It is based on the World Climate Research Programme workshop on Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability held in Paris in 2006.

It can be pre-ordered from Wiley-Blackwell.

Chapter titles are:

1 Introduction.

2 Impacts of and Responses to Sea-Level Rise.

3 A First-Order Assessment of the Impact of Long-Term Trends in Extreme Sea Levels on Offshore Structures and Coastal Refineries.

4 Paleoenvironmental Records, Geophysical Modeling, and Reconstruction of Sea-Level Trends and Variability on Centennial and Longer Timescales.

5 Modern Sea-Level-Change Estimates.

6 Ocean Temperature and Salinity Contributions to Global and Regional Sea-Level Change.

7 Cryospheric Contributions to Sea-level Rise and Variability.

8 Terrestrial Water-Storage Contributions to Sea-Level Rise and Variability.

9 Geodetic Observations and Global Reference Frame Contributions to Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability.

10 Surface Mass Loading on a Dynamic Earth: Complexity and Contamination in the Geodetic Analysis of Global Sea-Level Trends.

11 Past and Future Changes in Extreme Sea Levels and Waves.

12 Observing Systems Needed to Address Sea-level Rise and Variability.

13 Sea-level Rise and Variability: Synthesis and Outlook for the Future.



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