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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS199701 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 28

Operation No.: 28

When: 25-Jan-1997 12:42 to 25-Jan-1997 13:31 UTC

Where: 44° 17.6' S    147° 24.7' E
to 44° 17.8' S    147° 20.2' E

Catch Composition
**non-current code** Jaffaia jaffaensis19170013 [details]0.052
**non-current code** Lipkius holthuisi28737005 [details]2
**non-current code** Primnoisis tasmani99110392 [details]
Actiniidae - undifferentiated11232000 [details]0.06
Anthomastus sp. F [SS200702, 2008]99110360 [details]1
Benthoctopus sp. 2 [SS199701, 2011]99230236 [details]1
Bythiopagurus macrocolus28835037 [details]4
Caryophyllia diomedeae11314039 [details]
Chrysogorgia sp. A [SS200702, 2008]99110366 [details]
Class Aplacophora - undifferentiated23001000 [details]
Delectopecten fosterianus23270059 [details]
Desmophyllum dianthus11314027 [details]
Dodecas hexacentrum28593003 [details]
Endoxocrinus sibogae25021001 [details]
Eosipho spp.24202965 [details]0.001
Eualus sp. MoV 268128767040 [details]6
Eunice cf. antarctica [SS199701, 2011]99220134 [details]
Eunice sp. 2 [SS199701, 2011]99220133 [details]
Euphrosine cf. setosissima [SS199701, 2011]99220135 [details]1
Eupolymnia sp. 1 [SS199701, 2011]99220151 [details]
Farrea occa occa10312002 [details]
Freyella spp.25155902 [details]
Goniasteridae - undifferentiated25122000 [details]
Hermadion sp. 1 [SS199701, 2011]99220137 [details]
Hippasteria phrygiana25122003 [details]
Hyalonema cf. topsenti [SS199701, 2011]99100670 [details]
Infraclass Cirripedia - undifferentiated27500000 [details]0.003
Lefroyella 4554 (Qld Mus.) cf. decora10311006 [details]
Leontocaris amplectipes28767001 [details]
Munida endeavourae28840049 [details]7
Munida isos28840050 [details]172
Narella sp. C [SS200702, 2008]99110409 [details]1
Nicon maculata22056063 [details]
Ophiacantha densispina25185003 [details]
Ophiacantha rosea25185001 [details]
Ophiacantha sp. MoV 273125185056 [details]
Ophiacantha sp. MoV 278025185055 [details]
Ophiacantha sp. MoV 453225185068 [details]
Ophiacantha spectabilis25185004 [details]
Ophiacantha vivipara25185002 [details]
Ophiacantha yaldwyni25185005 [details]
Ophiactis abyssicola25190002 [details]
Ophiolimna spp.25185911 [details]
Ophiomisidium irene25176005 [details]
Ophiomitrella conferta25185008 [details]
Ophiomyxa australis25166001 [details]
Ophioplinthaca plicata25185042 [details]
Ophioscolex sp. MoV 548625166007 [details]
Ophiura irrorata25176003 [details]
Ophiura sp. MoV 272825176058 [details]
Ophiuridae sp. MoV 273325176059 [details]
Order Amphipoda - undifferentiated28399000 [details]0.001
Order Antipatharia - undifferentiated11160000 [details]0.059
Penares micraster10009045 [details]
Phrynocrinus nudus25018001 [details]
Phylum Porifera - undifferentiated10000000 [details]0.764
Phylum Sipuncula - undifferentiated17000000 [details]0.003
Pleurogorgia n. sp. A [SS200702, 2008]99110357 [details]
Polynoidae sp. 4 [SS199701, 2011]99220140 [details]
Polynoidae sp. 9 [SS199701, 2011]99220144 [details]
Rossella cf. antarctica [SS199701, 2011]99100673 [details]
Sarostegia 4544 (Qld Mus.)10312005 [details]
Serpulidae sp. 1 [SS199701, 2011]99220148 [details]
Solenosmilia variabilis11314031 [details]2.734
Stony corals: Solitary11290901 [details]1.019
Stylasteridae - undifferentiated11077000 [details]0.036
Tokoprymno maia11197014 [details]
Trichopeltarion janetae28901003 [details]16
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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