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Survey: - SS200510 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 120

Operation No.: 120

When: 7-Dec-2005 08:42 to 7-Dec-2005 09:00 UTC

Where: 24° 37.2' S    112° 40.0' E
to 24° 37.4' S    112° 40.0' E

Catch Composition
?Cronia sp. 2 [SS200510, 2010]99240232 [details]10.001
Acanthella WAM sp. SS1 [SS200705, 2010]99100250 [details]0.164
Acar plicata23226027 [details]20.001
Alpheidae - undifferentiated28765000 [details]3
Amphiura sp. MoV 551625191065 [details]10.001
Asteropus WAM sp. SS7 [SS200510, 2010]99100662 [details]0.565
Barbatia sp. 6 [SS200510, 2010]99230120 [details]10.001
Bopyridae sp. MoV 10023828340032 [details]10.001
Calcinus sp. MoV 526828827110 [details]10.001
Carteriospongia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100636 [details]0.08
Centrocardita rosulenta23325016 [details]10.01
Charybdis hongkongensis28911105 [details]10.002
Chironephthya sp. U [SS200510, 2008]99110334 [details]10.03
Class Polychaeta - undifferentiated22000000 [details]
Dimya corrugata23265001 [details]10.005
Ecionemia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100663 [details]0.069
Galathea sp. MoV 518228840159 [details]30.001
Globivenus toreuma23380050 [details]10.005
Glycymeris hedleyi23231014 [details]20.001
Liocarcinus corrugatus28911016 [details]10.001
Metapenaeopsis aff. vaillanti [SS200510, 2010]99280434 [details]10.001
Monanchora WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100483 [details]0.233
Monanchora WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100664 [details]0.024
Mursia microspina28875004 [details]10.002
Nanocassiope sp. MoV 529928920190 [details]20.001
Novactaea sp. MoV 507428920191 [details]10.001
Oceanapia cf. macrotoxa [SS200510, 2010]99100590 [details]0.087
Ophiacantha indica25185016 [details]20.001
Ophiothrix ciliaris25192036 [details]10.001
Order Actiniaria - undifferentiated11229000 [details]2
Order Hydroida - undifferentiated11001000 [details]1
Pachycheles sculptus28843017 [details]10.001
Paragiopagurus diogenes28837013 [details]10.002
Parathranites orientalis28911021 [details]30.003
Petrolisthes militaris28843028 [details]20.002
Phylladiorhynchus pusillus28840042 [details]30.003
Phylum Bryozoa - undifferentiated20000000 [details]
Phylum Sipuncula - undifferentiated17000000 [details]2
Pilumnus cf. spinicarpus [SS200510, 2010]99280440 [details]40.004
Plakinastrella WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100383 [details]0.096
Polynoidae, Iphionidae - undifferentiated22062000 [details]1
Polyonyx biunguiculatus28843038 [details]20.001
Prismatopus sp. MoV 512528880192 [details]10.001
Prodotia iostoma24202185 [details]20.002
Pylopaguropsis zebra28835034 [details]10.005
Raspailia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100361 [details]0.035
Raspailia WAM sp. SS4 [SS200510, 2010]99100665 [details]0.006
Raspailia desmoxyiformis10067040 [details]0.046
Rhopalorhynchus sibogae33014017 [details]10.001
Scleronephthya cf. gracillima [SS200510, 2008]99110442 [details]20.01
Sphaeromatidae - undifferentiated28226000 [details]14
Stemonopa insignis28845009 [details]20.002
Subclass Malacostraca - undifferentiated28000000 [details]
Synalpheus neptunus germanus28765140 [details]210.011
Synalpheus nilandensis28765141 [details]20.001
Takedromia sp. MoV 500328852036 [details]10.002
Terebra cf. pertusa [SS200510, 2010]99240305 [details]10.001
Trikentrion flabelliforme10067059 [details]0.011
Tucetona hoylei23231018 [details]10.001
Umalia trirufomaculata28865005 [details]70.005
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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