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Survey: - SS200510 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 15

Operation No.: 15

When: 20-Nov-2005 17:02 to 20-Nov-2005 17:34 UTC

Where: 33° 58.8' S    114° 44.0' E
to 33° 59.0' S    114° 44.1' E

Catch Composition
**non-current code** Dardanus australis28827113 [details]20.001
Acabaria sp. E [SS200510, 2008]99110317 [details]50.006
Acanthella WAM sp. SS1 [SS200705, 2010]99100250 [details]0.1
Actaea calculosa28920002 [details]10.001
Actaea peronii28920001 [details]10.001
Adeona spp.20405901 [details]0.417
Adeonidae - undifferentiated20405000 [details]
Agelas WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100450 [details]0.4
Aka WAM sp. SS02 [SS200510, 2010]99100574 [details]0.2
Aka WAM sp. SS04 [SS200510, 2010]99100575 [details]0.1
Aka WAM sp. SS05 [SS200510, 2010]99100576 [details]0.1
Alpheidae - undifferentiated28765000 [details]10
Alpheopsis cf. trispinosa [SS200510, 2010]99280437 [details]10
Amphimedon WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100568 [details]0.1
Amphipholis squamata25191015 [details]40
Amphiura sp. MoV 551625191065 [details]10
Annisis sprightly11188001 [details]20.011
Aplidium caelestis35019010 [details]10.364
Aplidium magnilarvum35019034 [details]20.238
Asteropus WAM sp. SS1 [SS200705, 2010]99100354 [details]0.1
Asteropus WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100400 [details]0.6
Astrobrachion adhaerens25170018 [details]20.01
Astrosierra microconus25171019 [details]10.019
Atriolum bucinum35013211 [details]10.024
Austroharpa wilsoni24209008 [details]10.001
Axinella WAM sp. Ng3 [SS200705, 2010]99100305 [details]0.4
Axinella WAM sp. SS02 [SS200510, 2010]99100524 [details]0.1
Axinella WAM sp. SS03 [SS200705, 2010]99100353 [details]11.56
Axinella WAM sp. SS06 [SS200510, 2010]99100527 [details]0.004
Bugulidae - undifferentiated20331000 [details]0.057
Cacospongia WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100613 [details]2.4
Callipallene sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99330008 [details]10.001
Callyspongia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100548 [details]0.1
Callyspongia bilamellata10098010 [details]0.2
Cancellothyris hedleyi19161001 [details]10.002
Catenicellidae - undifferentiated20383000 [details]0.28
Celleporaria spp.20418901 [details]0.03
Centrocardita rosulenta23325016 [details]10.002
Chondropsis WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100496 [details]0.2
Chromonephthea n. sp. AA [SS200510, 2011]99110633 [details]10.001
Clarkcomanthus luteofuscum25030011 [details]20.01
Class Calcarea - undifferentiated10200000 [details]20.131
Class Demospongiae - undifferentiated10180000 [details]0.005
Class Polychaeta - undifferentiated22000000 [details]
Coelocarteria WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100660 [details]11
Coelosphaera WAM sp. SS4 [SS200510, 2010]99100478 [details]0.6
Conus anemone24222010 [details]10.001
Crella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100487 [details]1.1
Dactylospongia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100615 [details]0.1
Didemnum perplexum35013162 [details]10.055
Ecionemia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100392 [details]2.5
Epialtidae sp. MoV 513428880193 [details]10.001
Eunice spp.22024901 [details]60.02
Fascaplysinopsis WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100634 [details]0.6
Fibulia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100474 [details]0.1
Galathea spp.28840912 [details]10.001
Haliclona WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100565 [details]0.2
Hemiasterella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100433 [details]0.2
Hippospongia WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100640 [details]10.679
Holopsamma WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100453 [details]0.7
Hoplaster sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250343 [details]10.001
Jaspis WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100413 [details]1.3
Jaspis WAM sp. SS5 [SS200510, 2010]99100417 [details]2.9
Lahaina agassizii28880138 [details]10.001
Leptomithrax sternocostulatus28880005 [details]10.001
Macrophiothrix spongicola25192063 [details]30.003
Monanchora WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100484 [details]1.3
Mopsea encrinula11188009 [details]70.041
Mycale WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100517 [details]10.427
Myriopathes cf. japonica [SS200510, 2010]99110612 [details]10.072
Nectocarcinus spinifrons28911051 [details]20.004
Nymphon rottnesti33010017 [details]10.001
Oceanapia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200705, 2010]99100355 [details]1.7
Oceanapia WAM sp. SS05 [SS200705, 2010]99100336 [details]0.3
Oparinisis flexilis11188011 [details]10.006
Oparinisis parkeri11188003 [details]30.017
Oparinisis spp.11188902 [details]10.002
Oparinisis viking11188012 [details]10.006
Ophiacantha alternata25185011 [details]10
Ophiacantha clavigera25185013 [details]20
Ophiactis macrolepidota25190009 [details]10
Ophiactis spp.25190902 [details]10
Ophiochiton sp. MoV 549825179021 [details]10.001
Ophioconis opacum25180021 [details]50
Ophiocrossota multispina25176016 [details]10.005
Ophiomyxa australis25166001 [details]40.009
Ophionereis semoni25179010 [details]30.001
Ophiothela danae25192033 [details]20
Ophiothrix caespitosa25192002 [details]80.001
Order Amphipoda - undifferentiated28399000 [details]600.001
Order Antipatharia - undifferentiated11160000 [details]0.076
Order Astrophorida - undifferentiated10008000 [details]10.262
Order Hydroida - undifferentiated11001000 [details]0.493
Order Stomatopoda - undifferentiated28030000 [details]20.001
Paranepanthia sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250353 [details]20.01
Paraselwynia sp. MoV 508928926115 [details]10
Pentagonaster dubeni25122001 [details]10.002
Petrosia WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100356 [details]3.6
Phakellia WAM sp. Ng3 [SS200705, 2010]99100366 [details]0.1
Phakellia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100530 [details]0.4
Phidoloporidae - undifferentiated20487000 [details]0.002
Phyllacanthus sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250373 [details]40.01
Phylladiorhynchus pusillus28840042 [details]40.001
Polynoidae, Iphionidae - undifferentiated22062000 [details]20.001
Processa gracilis28768010 [details]10
Pseudopallene watsonae33011040 [details]20.001
Pseudoplumarella filicoides11197015 [details]20.096
Pteria cf. falcata [SS200510, 2010]99230131 [details]10.027
Reteporellina spp.20487910 [details]0.033
Sarcotragus WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200705, 2010]99100345 [details]0.1
Sarcotragus WAM sp. Ng2 [SS200510, 2010]99100659 [details]1.5
Sarcotragus WAM sp. SS05 [SS200510, 2010]99100607 [details]16.5
Sphaeromatidae - undifferentiated28226000 [details]0.001
Spheciospongia cf. papillosa [SS200510, 2010]99100430 [details]4.25
Spheciospongia papillosa10021023 [details]2.85
Spheciospongia purpurea10021022 [details]1.5
Stelletta clavosa10009023 [details]0.005
Synalpheus neptunus germanus28765140 [details]10
Synoicum laboutei35019094 [details]50.056
Taonura WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100625 [details]0.9
Taonura WAM sp. SS3 [SS200705, 2010]99100358 [details]0.3
Tedania WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100497 [details]0.1
Tethyastra WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100443 [details]0.1
Thalamita macropus28911094 [details]10.001
Thorecta WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100633 [details]0.1
Thorecta WAM sp. SS7 [SS200705, 2010]99100256 [details]11.409
Thorectandra WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100637 [details]0.1
Tutufa bufo24170018 [details]10.054
Wrightella n.sp. A [SS200510, 2008]99110441 [details]50.006
Zignisis alternata11188034 [details]10.007
Zignisis lornae11188036 [details]10.007
Zignisis repens11188008 [details]100.065
Zignisis spp.11188903 [details]10.001
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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