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Survey: - SS200510 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 104

Operation No.: 104

When: 5-Dec-2005 07:30 to 5-Dec-2005 07:53 UTC

Where: 27° 03.1' S    113° 06.1' E
to 27° 02.9' S    113° 06.0' E

Catch Composition
?Craniella WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100389 [details]10.1
Acanthochitonidae - undifferentiated23120000 [details]1
Aegidae - undifferentiated28215000 [details]1
Alpheidae - undifferentiated28765000 [details]2
Amygdalum striatum23220010 [details]10.001
Ancorina WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100395 [details]10.2
Arca navicularis23226002 [details]10.001
Axinella WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200705, 2010]99100347 [details]10.16
Axinella WAM sp. Ng3 [SS200705, 2010]99100305 [details]10.18
Barbatia sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99230116 [details]10.01
Bouvieraxius keiensis28801013 [details]10.001
Centrocardita rosulenta23325016 [details]10.01
Chlorodiella laevissima28920055 [details]20.001
Cirolanidae - undifferentiated28220000 [details]3
Class Crinoidea - undifferentiated25001000 [details]4
Class Demospongiae - undifferentiated10180000 [details]3
Class Polychaeta - undifferentiated22000000 [details]36
Coelosphaera WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100476 [details]1
Comatella stelligera25030044 [details]10.01
Coralliophila cf. inflata [SS200510, 2010]99240223 [details]10.001
Cystodytes dellachiajei35018002 [details]10.018
Dendronephthya spp.11191901 [details]10.002
Didemnum candidum35013003 [details]10.018
Didemnum moseleyi35013010 [details]10.018
Drifa n.sp. B [SS200510, 2008]99110550 [details]10.002
Ecionemia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100663 [details]10.521
Ecionemia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100411 [details]15.46
Ecionemia WAM sp. SS3 [SS200510, 2010]99100412 [details]32.7
Erylus WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100241 [details]11.5
Geodia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100423 [details]10.2
Gryphaeidae - undifferentiated23256000 [details]10.01
Herengeria sp. A [SS200510, 2010]99100668 [details]10.839
Isops WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100427 [details]13.32
Jaspis WAM sp. SS2 [SS200510, 2010]99100414 [details]22.02
Leptoclinides vesica35013285 [details]60.11
Lima nimbifer23250005 [details]10.001
Lophopagurus triserratus28835010 [details]10.001
Monoplex vespaceus24176044 [details]10.01
Nanocassiope sp. MoV 529928920190 [details]10.001
Neometra conaminis25046001 [details]10.01
Neometra gorgonia25046003 [details]30.03
Novactaea sp. MoV 507428920191 [details]20.002
Oceanapia WAM sp. SS09 [SS200510, 2010]99100587 [details]14.82
Ophiothrix ciliaris25192036 [details]30.001
Order Hydroida - undifferentiated11001000 [details]0.215
Order Stomatopoda - undifferentiated28030000 [details]5
Phanogenia cf. schoenovi [SS200510, 2010]99250310 [details]10.005
Phlyctaenopora WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100520 [details]1
Phyllangia cf. papuensis [SS200510, 2010]99110620 [details]24
Phylum Bryozoa - undifferentiated20000000 [details]120.074
Phylum Sipuncula - undifferentiated17000000 [details]1
Polysyncraton pavimentum35013281 [details]10.018
Prionocidaris baculosa25202017 [details]10.1
Psammastra WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100286 [details]10.2
Stelletta WAM sp. SS03 [SS200510, 2010]99100402 [details]34.24
Stelletta WAM sp. SS08 [SS200510, 2010]99100407 [details]11.24
Stylocidaris bracteata25202024 [details]20.01
Tanystylum zuytdorpi33012054 [details]10.001
Taonura WAM sp. SS2 [SS200705, 2010]99100335 [details]1
Terebellidae, Polycirridae, Thelepodidae, Telothelepodidae - undifferentiated22120000 [details]1
Thalassocaris crinita28771001 [details]10.001
Thorecta WAM sp. SS6 [SS200510, 2010]99100631 [details]1
Tozeuma tomentosum28767039 [details]10.001
Xanthidae - undifferentiated28920000 [details]2
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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