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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS199708 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Operation No.: 515

When: 2-Nov-1997 04:01 to 2-Nov-1997 04:14 UTC

Where: 10° 10.5' S    143° 01.7' E
to 10° 11.1' S    143° 01.1' E

Catch Composition
Allogalathea elegans28840004 [details]40.001
Amusium pleuronectes23270003 [details]10.007
Arminidae - undifferentiated24450000 [details]10.002
Astropecten sp. 3 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250115 [details]40.008
Aulacolambrus hoplonotus28895001 [details]50.011
Brittle star 21 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250231 [details]10.007
Brittle star 28 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250238 [details]30.007
Brittle star 5 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250215 [details]120.04
Bryozoan 2 [Cleveland list, 2002]99200019 [details]0.008
Bursidae - undifferentiated24170000 [details]10.007
Calliurichthys grossi37427007 [details]30.101
Cardiidae - undifferentiated23335000 [details]10.002
Chamidae - undifferentiated23301000 [details]20.005
Charybdis yaldwyni28911081 [details]10.016
Class Asteroidea - undifferentiated25102000 [details]10.002
Class Crinoidea - undifferentiated25001000 [details]210.139
Class Ophiuroidea - undifferentiated25160000 [details]10.005
Clypeaster sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250147 [details]130.329
Collodes sp. [Cleveland list, 2001]99280250 [details]10.011
Corbulidae - undifferentiated23387000 [details]10.001
Crinoid 11 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250075 [details]70.018
Crinoid 17 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250081 [details]791.807
Crinoid 21 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250085 [details]20.005
Diogenes sp. 3 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280275 [details]10
Dorippe quadridens28870001 [details]10.001
Halimeda opuntia56196007 [details]0.001
Hyastenus sp. 4 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280238 [details]10.007
Hydroid 7 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110085 [details]0.016
Hydroid 8 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110086 [details]0
Hydroid 9 [Cleveland list, 2001]99110087 [details]10
Hypodistoma deerratum35015015 [details]20.033
Inegocia japonica37296029 [details]30.065
Ircinia 1228 (Qld Mus.)10112028 [details]13.8
Ixa inermis28876016 [details]10.004
Jania adhaerens55121030 [details]0
Jaydia truncata37327013 [details]20.005
Laganum sp. 2 [Cleveland list, 2002]99250146 [details]210.025
Leucosia ocellata28876022 [details]10.003
Luidia hardwicki25105003 [details]10.002
Metapenaeopsis spp.28711913 [details]20.008
Myra biconica28876018 [details]10.001
Oreasteridae - undifferentiated25127000 [details]13.5
Ovulidae - undifferentiated24156000 [details]20.005
Paramonacanthus choirocephalus37465064 [details]30.013
Parthenope longimanus28895002 [details]70.006
Pectinidae - undifferentiated23270000 [details]10.009
Pegasus volitans37309002 [details]20.007
Phalangipus longipes28880034 [details]90.01
Phylum Bryozoa - undifferentiated20000000 [details]0.016
Phylum Porifera - undifferentiated10000000 [details]10.495
Portunus rubromarginatus28911026 [details]20.012
Portunus rugosus28911070 [details]10.001
Pseudocalliurichthys goodladi37427006 [details]10.003
Pseudochromis quinquedentatus37313001 [details]10.004
Pseudolambrus harpax28895023 [details]10.005
Pseudorhombus argus37460038 [details]10.043
Pteriidae - undifferentiated23236000 [details]30.002
Ranellidae - undifferentiated24176000 [details]20.001
Retiflustra cornea20322001 [details]0.106
Rhinolambrus longispinus28895003 [details]20.008
Saurida grandisquamis37118016 [details]50.015
Scyllarus sp. 2 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280303 [details]10.006
Sergestidae - undifferentiated28720000 [details]10
Sicyonia rectirostris28715005 [details]10.001
Sphenopus marsupialis11287001 [details]10.041
Spiropagurus sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280277 [details]10
Strombidae - undifferentiated24125000 [details]60.011
Styelidae - undifferentiated35033000 [details]20.001
Udotea conglutinata56196048 [details]70.004
Upeneus luzonius37355009 [details]10.001
Veneridae - undifferentiated23380000 [details]10.003
Virgularia sp. (Sea Pen 7) [Cleveland list, 2001]99110108 [details]30.001
Volutidae - undifferentiated24207000 [details]10.009
Xenophoridae - undifferentiated24145000 [details]290.073
Gear details
Benthic sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Benthic sled
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