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Deployment Details

Survey: - KAPALA [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 201007

Operation No.: 47

When: 16-Oct-2000 19:40 to 16-Oct-2000 23:15 UTC

Where: 36° 30.0' S    150° 21.0' E

Catch Composition
Centriscops humerosus37279001 [details]65
Centrolophus niger37445004 [details]2
Centrophorus squamosus37020009 [details]1
Chaunax endeavouri37211003 [details]1
Chaunax penicillatus37211004 [details]2
Coelorinchus gormani37232047 [details]96
Coelorinchus maurofasciatus37232045 [details]241
Cyttus traversi37264001 [details]7
Dalatias licha37020002 [details]2
Deania quadrispinosa37020004 [details]7
Dipturus canutus37031028 [details]2
Dipturus gudgeri37031010 [details]3
Etmopterus lucifer37020005 [details]1
Genypterus blacodes37228002 [details]90
Helicolenus barathri37287093 [details]90
Hoplichthys haswelli37297001 [details]46
Hoplostethus intermedius37255001 [details]30
Lepidopus caudatus37440002 [details]5
Lepidorhynchus denticulatus37232004 [details]596
Lucigadus nigromaculatus37232005 [details]6
Macruronus novaezelandiae37227001 [details]63
Oxynotus bruniensis37021001 [details]1
Paraulopus nigripinnis37120001 [details]4
Pentaceros decacanthus37367004 [details]1
Psychrolutes marcidus37305001 [details]1
Rexea solandri37439002 [details]1
Torpedo macneilli37028003 [details]1
Zenopsis nebulosa37264003 [details]19
Gear details
Misc commercial trawl
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