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Deployment Details

Survey: - SO198005 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 72

Operation No.: 72

When: 17-Jul-1980 10:15 UTC

Where: 13° 38.0' S    124° 30.0' E
to 13° 37.0' S    124° 32.0' E

Maximum Depth (m): 86

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
**non-current code** Rhynchobatus australiae37026001 [details]12
Abalistes stellatus37465011 [details]
Alepes apercna37337010 [details]51
Brachaeluridae & related families - undifferentiated37013000 [details]
Carangoides malabaricus37337005 [details]524
Carcharhinus coatesi37018009 [details]2
Dactyloptena macracanthus37308003 [details]1
Epinephelus areolatus37311009 [details]1
Fistularia petimba37278002 [details]10
Glaucosoma magnificum37320002 [details]
Hemigaleus australiensis37018020 [details]1
Jaydia truncata37327013 [details]
Leiognathidae - undifferentiated37341000 [details]1
Lepidotrigla russelli37288016 [details]4
Lethrinus lentjan37351007 [details]5
Lutjanus malabaricus37346007 [details]22
Lutjanus sebae37346004 [details]11
Lutjanus sp. (in Yearsley, Last & Ward, 1999)37346012 [details]3
Lutjanus vitta37346003 [details]2
Muraenesox cinereus37063002 [details]
Nemipterus celebicus37347004 [details]1
Nemipterus peronii37347003 [details]1
Neotrygon australiae37035004 [details]52
Netuma thalassina37188001 [details]7
Ogcocephalidae - undifferentiated37212000 [details]1
Parascolopsis tanyactis37347010 [details]
Pentaprion longimanus37349002 [details]1
Photopectoralis bindus37341002 [details]23
Priacanthus hamrur37326005 [details]1
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus37460004 [details]2
Pseudorhombus elevatus37460008 [details]10
Pterois russelii37287012 [details]1
Rachycentron canadum37335001 [details]3
Sargocentron rubrum37261001 [details]6
Saurida argentea37118005 [details]21
Saurida filamentosa37118006 [details]1
Saurida undosquamis37118001 [details]
Upeneus moluccensis37355003 [details]
Uranoscopidae - undifferentiated37400000 [details]1
Velifer hypselopterus37269002 [details]
Zabidius novemaculeatus37362003 [details]51
Gear details
Demersal Frank & Bryce trawl
Deployment observations.
Cloud cover:1/4
Current direction:0
Sea state:Slight
Wind force:Light Breeze
Instruments used.
InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Demersal Frank & Bryce trawl
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