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Jacqueline D

Short Name: JD - as used in survey codes
Type: Ship
Description: Chartered commercial prawn trawler Hull material: timber Length: 17.4m Built: 1969 Engine: 225kw Typical trawl speed: 3.2 knots


Most recent first.

AB85/86 [details] 28-Mar-1992 1-Apr-1992
AB 83 [details] 3-Mar-1992 6-Mar-1992
AB 43/88 [details] 12-Nov-1988 15-Nov-1988
AB 33/88 [details] 23-Feb-1988 26-Feb-1988
AB 29/87 [details] 25-Nov-1987 30-Nov-1987
AB 25/87 [details] 26-Aug-1987 30-Aug-1987
AB 17/87 [details] 26-Mar-1987 29-Mar-1987
AB 11/86 [details] 6-Oct-1986 9-Oct-1986
AB 8/86 [details] 11-Aug-1986 14-Aug-1986
AB86-91 [details] 8-Apr-1986 16-Apr-1991
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