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Survey: - SS200510 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 92

Operation No.: 92

When: 3-Dec-2005 04:58 to 3-Dec-2005 05:16 UTC

Where: 28° 58.3' S    113° 49.9' E
to 28° 58.5' S    113° 50.1' E

Catch Composition
Aatolana spp.28220901 [details]2
Acabaria sp. C [SS200510, 2008]99110313 [details]10.001
Acabaria sp. D [SS200510, 2008]99110316 [details]10.001
Acabaria sp. G [SS200510, 2008]99110315 [details]20.005
Adeona spp.20405901 [details]1
Aphroditidae - undifferentiated22043000 [details]1
Bugulidae - undifferentiated20331000 [details]0.075
Callyspongia WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100547 [details]0.38
Cardita aviculina23325003 [details]10.001
Centrocardita rosulenta23325016 [details]10.014
Class Ascidiacea - undifferentiated35000000 [details]10.17
Class Calcarea - undifferentiated10200000 [details]20.003
Class Demospongiae - undifferentiated10180000 [details]80.172
Class Echinoidea - undifferentiated25200000 [details]
Class Hydrozoa - undifferentiated11000000 [details]2
Class Polychaeta - undifferentiated22000000 [details]
Coelocarteria WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100660 [details]10.286
Drifa n.sp. B [SS200510, 2008]99110550 [details]30.01
Eunice spp.22024901 [details]
Halicarcinus sp. MoV 500228885031 [details]10.001
Haliclona WAM sp. Ng1 [SS200510, 2010]99100552 [details]0.031
Haliclona WAM sp. SS4 [SS200510, 2010]99100564 [details]0.08
Hyastenus convexus28880131 [details]10.001
Hyotissa hyotis23256001 [details]10.1
Jaspis WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100413 [details]0.023
Leptomithrax sternocostulatus28880005 [details]10.002
Lithophaga teres23220021 [details]40.002
Meridionale difficile33011044 [details]10.001
Nanocassiope sp. MoV 529928920190 [details]10.001
Order Hydroida - undifferentiated11001000 [details]
Order Scleractinia - undifferentiated11290000 [details]0.007
Order Stomatopoda - undifferentiated28030000 [details]1
Parathranites orientalis28911021 [details]10.001
Pentagonaster dubeni25122001 [details]20.003
Phakellia WAM sp. SS1 [SS200510, 2010]99100530 [details]0.13
Phyllophorus brocki25406010 [details]1
Phylum Brachiopoda - undifferentiated19100000 [details]60.004
Phylum Bryozoa - undifferentiated20000000 [details]0.397
Planotergum mirabile28880155 [details]10.001
Radiasteridae n. sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99250348 [details]10.002
Sarcotragus WAM sp. SS05 [SS200510, 2010]99100607 [details]1.74
Sarcotragus WAM sp. SS08 [SS200510, 2010]99100609 [details]0.363
Scleronephthya indica11191003 [details]10.003
Scleronephthya spp.11191903 [details]10.003
Septifer sp. 1 [SS200510, 2010]99230107 [details]10.001
Sigmaxinella WAM sp. SS5 [SS200705, 2010]99100344 [details]0.025
Spheciospongia purpurea10021022 [details]0.702
Stelletta WAM sp. SS02 [SS200510, 2010]99100401 [details]0.112
Stereonephthya sp. A [SS200510, 2008]99110551 [details]10.001
Synalpheus lophodactylus28765138 [details]50.001
Thalamita macropus28911094 [details]10.004
n. gen. A n. sp. B [SS200510, 2008]99110429 [details]10.003
Gear details
Sherman epibenthic Sled

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Sherman epibenthic SledCMAR
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