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Deployment Details

Survey: - SO198401 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 74

Operation No.: 74

When: 13-Feb-1984 20:40 to 13-Feb-1984 22:20 UTC

Where: 14° 16.0' S    122° 34.0' E
to 14° 13.0' S    122° 38.0' E

Catch Composition
Ebalia sp. 1 [CAAB old list, 2000]99280047 [details]20.06
Ebalia sp. 2 [CAAB old list, 2000]99280048 [details]40.33
Eugonatonotus chacei28751001 [details]10.02
Hadropenaeus lucasii28714003 [details]1070.7
Heterocarpus sibogae28770005 [details]1892.16
Heterocarpus sp. 2 [CAAB old list, 2000]99280063 [details]10.01
Heterocarpus woodmasoni28770007 [details]230.3
Hymenopenaeus equalis & Hymenopenaeus propinquus28714901 [details]20.01
Linuparus sordidus28820003 [details]252.38
Majidae sp [CAAB old list, 2000]99280078 [details]10.16
Metapenaeopsis cf andamensis [CAAB V1, 2008]99280390 [details]210.16
Munida spp.28840901 [details]6068.78
Parathranites sp. 1 [old CX list code, 2001]99280180 [details]10.09
Penaeopsis eduardoi28711041 [details]1690.47
Pleistacantha sp. [CAAB old list, 2000]99280121 [details]111.13
Plesionika ensis28770011 [details]290.13
Plesionika indica28770013 [details]40.05
Scylla serrata28911008 [details]273.11
Stylodactylus multidentatus28740002 [details]80.03
Trypaea australiensis28803004 [details]10.01
unknown/other (no information) [miscellaneous, 2001]99999982 [details]110.08
unknown/other (no information) [miscellaneous, 2001]99999980 [details]130.04
unknown/other (no information) [miscellaneous, 2001]99999981 [details]10.01
Gear details
Engel deepsea lobster trawl

Deployment observations.

Cloud cover:3/8
Current direction:260
Sea state:Rippled
Wind direction:260 degrees
Wind force:Light Breeze

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Engel deepsea lobster trawl
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