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ACE Newcastle Section Moorings (1983)

Period:- 1983-09-13 to 1984-03-17

Mooring :- ACE Newcastle Moorings (1983) [details]

Project:- Mesoscale and Continental Shelf Oceanography 1981-1989 [details]

Description:- The Newcastle Section forms one of the three main lines of moorings deployed for the 1983 ACE (Australian Coastal Experiment) study. The experimental design comprised 5 moorings with a total of 15 current meters, in water depths between 130 and 2000 m. The meters were deployed in September 1983 and most were recovered in March 1984.


  • ACE Newcastle Section Current Meter (Mooring) Data 1983-4 [details]

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    Current Meter
    From: 1983-09-14 23:00 to 1984-03-18 01:00 UTC
    Latitude: -33.29 to -33.12
    Longitude: 152.15 to 152.45
    Instrument Depth(s): 75,125,190,450,650,1000,1900 m
    Instrument(s): Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 2754),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 2755),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 333),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 336),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4401),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4402),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4425),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4426),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4653),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 4654),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 637),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 640),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 643),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 738),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial 97),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f31s125),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f31s75),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f32s125),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f32s190),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f32s75),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f33s125),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f33s190),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f33s450),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f34s1000),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f34s190),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f34s450),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f34s650),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f35s1000),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f35s1900),Aanderaa Meter RCM5 (serial f35s450)
    Sample interval: 720 sec
    Water depth: 134,200,500,1193,1990 m
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    Moored instrument data for ACE Newcastle Section Moorings (1983)

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