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Project details

Title: The fish resources of tropical north-eastern Australian waters (FIRDC project no. 88/77) 1989-1992
Id: 543
Acronym: Fish resources of tropical NE Australia
Investigator(s): Steve Blaber
(Former) CSIRO Division of Fisheries/Fisheries Research - Cleveland [details]

Years: 1989 to 1992
Hierachy: Tropical Fisheries Resources » Tropical Fish Ecology

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 07/93

J. Salini (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 07/93 was undertaken to test devices for the Bycatch Reduction in Prawn Trawls project in the area of the tiger prawn fishery west of Weipa, Gulf of Carpentaria; to conduct the commercial fish biomass survey with the Frank and Bryce net in the northern half of the GOC as in previous cruise SS 01/93 and to continue the EFN (environmentally friendly net) trials initiated on Leg 2 of cruise SS 01/93.
Cruise objectives include to investigate the efficiency of the EFN in areas with bottom structure; to investigate fish habitats by characterising the benthic flora and fauna at each site; to obtain video images of the EFN, bottom structure and fish behaviour; to collect tissue samples from L. malabaricus and L. sebae for the genetics group in Hobart; to collect fish samples for the I. S. R. Munro Fish Collection in Hobart; to collect leiognathids for J. Smith and Queensland museum staff to collect sponges during the trawls.
SS 01/93

J. Salini (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 01/93 was undertaken to carry out a fish survey, and benthic sampling in the areas of the far northern zone of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the northern Gulf of Carpentaria fishing zone and to also carry out net comparisons in the western Torres Strait and west of Albatross Bay. Cruise objectives included to determine the species composition and abundance of the fish community; investigate the fish habitat by characterising the benthic flora and fauna; obtain images of the bottom structure with a video camera; collect hydrological data; collect seabird data; to compare the relative impact of fish trawl nets on the bottom structure; survey the abundance of commercial species of lutjanids and lethrinids; collect samples of Lutjanus malabaricus and L. sebae for population genetics studies; collect specimens for the I. S. R. Munro Fish collection in Hobart and to collect cephalopods (Museum of Victoria and QDPIF).
SS 05/91

J. Salini (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 05/91 was undertaken to carry out a demersal fish survey, and benthic sampling in the areas of the northern Gulf of Carpentaria, including the fish management zone and the Great Barrier Reef protection zone. Cruise objectives were to determine the species composition, distribution and abundance of demersal fish; collect samples for estimating fish population parameters; search for juvenile Lutjanus malabaricus in shallow areas on the eastern and western borders of the northern GOC; determine the benthic invertebrate fauna; collect hydrological data; collect sediment samples to determine the structure of the substrate and the composition of the infauna and to retain specimens for genetic studies of various species including Lutjanids, Monacanthids and squid.
SS 03/90

I. Poiner & S. Blaber (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor cruise SS 03/90 was undertaken to carry out the first fisheries survey, and benthic sampling in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the south eastern Arafura Sea and western Torres Strait Protection Zone. The primary aim of the cruise was to determine the commercial fin fish recources and the distribution of the demersal fish fauna in relation to: the distribution of the benthos, sediments and depth in these areas. Secondary aim was to determine which species of fish feed on penaeid prawns in selected prawn-trawl areas of the GOC; to describe the bycatch and determine the fate of bycatch of commercial fish trawls and differences in the fish communities of areas of high and low prawn trawl effort.
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