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SS 07/93 (alternative identifier: SS199307)

Period: 1993-10-27 00:00 to 1993-11-28 00:00 UTC

Duration: 32.00 days

From: Darwin To: Cairns

Region: Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Queensland

Ship: Southern Surveyor [details]

Description: Southern Surveyor cruise SS 07/93 was undertaken to test devices for the Bycatch Reduction in Prawn Trawls project in the area of the tiger prawn fishery west of Weipa, Gulf of Carpentaria; to conduct the commercial fish biomass survey with the Frank and Bryce net in the northern half of the GOC as in previous cruise SS 01/93 and to continue the EFN (environmentally friendly net) trials initiated on Leg 2 of cruise SS 01/93.
Cruise objectives include to investigate the efficiency of the EFN in areas with bottom structure; to investigate fish habitats by characterising the benthic flora and fauna at each site; to obtain video images of the EFN, bottom structure and fish behaviour; to collect tissue samples from L. malabaricus and L. sebae for the genetics group in Hobart; to collect fish samples for the I. S. R. Munro Fish Collection in Hobart; to collect leiognathids for J. Smith and Queensland museum staff to collect sponges during the trawls.

Leader: J. Salini (CSIRO)

Project: The fish resources of tropical north-eastern Australian waters (FIRDC project no. 88/77) 1989-1992 [details]

Voyage extents: 16° 08.5' S to 10° 09.4' S    135° 05.9' E to 145° 36.5' E Get voyage track shapefile Get CSV

Marlin Metadata:-

  • Acoustic Voyage Log Books [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 07/93 Biological Data Overview [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 07/93 Single beam acoustic data [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 07/93 Underway Data [details]

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  • Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC)

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  • Participants - on ship:-

    Carlos Souris 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Clive Liron 1 CSIRO Fisheries
    David Brewer 1 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Gordon Yearsley 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Graham Baulach 1 NT Fisheries
    Jeff Cordell 1 CSIRO Fisheries
    John Kennedy 1 Q museum
    John Salini 1 2 Cruise leader CSIRO Fisheries
    Jonthan Staunton Smith 1 CSIRO Fisheries
    Lindsay MacDonald 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Marcus Strauss 1 2 AMC
    Margaret Farmer 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Nevile Gill 2 NT Fisheries
    Nick Elliot 1 CSIRO Fisheries
    Pat Graham 2 CSIRO Fisheries
    Richard Mounsey 1 NT Fisheries
    Stephanie Boubaris 2 NT Fisheries
    Steve Cook 1 Q museum
    Steve Eayrs 1 2 AMC
    Yougan Wang 2 CSIRO Fisheries

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    Publications, reports and datasets from this voyage.

    IPT Resource

    Journal Article

    • SU, YO,LIN, HSIU-CHIN,HO, HSUAN-CHING (2022) A new cryptic species of the pineapple fish genus Monocentris (Family Monocentridae) from the western Pacific Ocean, with redescription of M. japonica (Houttuyn, 1782). Zootaxa 5189 pp180-203.     10.11646/zootaxa.5189.1.18

    • Staunton-Smith, J.,Blaber, S. J. M.,Greenwood, J. G. (1999) Interspecific differences in the distribution of adult and juvenile ponyfish (Leiognathidae) in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research 50 pp643-.     10.1071/MF99007

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    Marine biodiversity observations and/or samples
    Time (UTC): 1993-10-30 00:00 to 1993-11-30 00:00
    Latitude: -18.06 to -10.57
    Longitude: 137.75 to 147.10
    Depth range: 12 to 58 m
    Occurrences: 183
    Taxa count: 112
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    Deployment OperationStationCastGearProject Start and end timesStart LocationEnd LocationDepthDescription
    Underway System [details]   Doppler speed log,Licor-UWQ 3708,RM Young 05103 wind monitor,RM Young 05103 wind monitor,Simrad EK500 echosounder,Sperry gyrocompass,Temperature sensor-41342,ThermoSalinoGraph (TSG)-SS-SN 1777,ThermoSalinoGraph (TSG)-SS-SN 1777

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