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Title: National Facility External Users: L. Danyushevsky (University of Tasmania)
Id: 1935
Acronym: National Facility user: Danyushevsky L
Investigator(s): Leonid Danyushevsky
University of Tasmania - Hobart [details]

Years: 2004

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Dr L. V. Danyushevsky (UTAS) CSIRO Marine National Facility (MNF), Southern Surveyor research voyage SS 03/2009. Title: Hot subduction - recycling of oceanic crust in a dynamic W Pacific setting. Part 3. Taken from CMAR MNF 2009/20010 Voyage Schedule.
SS 08/2006

Assoc. Prof. L. Danyushevsky (Tas Uni) Southern Surveyor voyage SS08/2006.
Voyage Objectives:
We intend to conduct a multibeam survey, a magnetics survey and rock sampling in three areas along the Hunter Ridge. The questions which we are seeking to answer are as follows:
Kadavu and northern Hunter Ridge (area 1)
1) What is the lateral extent of adakites on the seafloor around Kadavu Is?
2) What is the structural relationships between the northern Hunter Ridge and Kadavu Island?
To answer these questions we plan to do detailed swath mapping, sound-bottom profiling and dredge sampling in area 1. The use of the soundbottom profiler will be vital in determining whether the seafloor has a volcanic, sediment-poor, basement or alternatively the seafloor is formed by sediments. This information will significantly help the interpretation of the swath mapping.
Rift Zone at the southern end of the Hunter Ridge (area 2)
1) What is the distribution of different magma types withinthe rift?
To answer this question we wish to perform 10-15 dredges within the main rift zone between 1500-2500m water depth.
North Fiji Basin propagating spreading centre (area 3)
1) What is the age and rate of southward propagation of the spreading centre?
We plan to conduct a magnetic survey along 3 lines across the spreading ridge to obtain magnetic profiles. Due to the limited time during voyage SS10/2004 to conduct a detailed sampling of the spreading centre, we plan to do further sampling using a specially modified piston corer, designed for sampling glassy pillow rinds of young lavas.
Taken from unpublished voyage plan (CSIRO 2006).
SS 10/2004

L. Danyushevsky (Tas Uni) Southern Surveyor voyage SS 10/2004 conducted research into Hot subduction recycling of oceanic crust in a dynamic W Pacific setting the ship spent 8.5 days in transit from Brisbane to the study area and from the study area to Tonga. Ths ship spent 16.5 days dredging and swath mapping in the study area 172.7-174.4oE and 21-22.5oS in the Western Pacific ocean between Fiji and Vanuatu during October 2004.
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