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Title: Sub-Antarctic Zone (SAZ) Project (Antarctic CRC) 1997-2008
Id: 1546
Acronym: Sub-Antarctic Zone (SAZ) Project
Investigator(s): Tom Trull
Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre [details]

Description (full): Since 1997, the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC (ACE CRC) has successfully run a deep ocean mooring with automated traps in the Sub-Antarctic Zone (SAZ), and the Centre is presently developing an advanced "PULSE" mooring for this site to provide complementary sample collections from surface waters. To date, research has focused on the determination of nutrient elements (carbon, nitrogen, silica) exported in particles, and their relationship with phytoplankton primary production and the seasonal CO2 sink known to exist in SAZ waters. This project would extend current efforts by developing novel trace metal clean instrumentation and methods to collect and process suspended and sinking particulate material from the study area, for the size-fractionated analysis of iron and other trace metals. Sequential shore-based digestion and analysis will take place using high resolution inductively-coupled plasma (HR-ICPMS) techniques [4] in class-100 clean room facilities at CSIRO Marine Laboratories. Such trace metal data will greatly enhance the current suite of chemical and biological measurements made on samples collected from the traps and the PULSE mooring.
Years: 1997 to 1999

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 05/2008

Tom Trull (Antarctic CRC) PULSE: Mooring-based measurement of Sub-Antarctic seasonal biogeochemical cycles affecting ocean uptake of carbon dioxide
AU 2006/07 V1.1

SS 03/2006


Southern Surveyor research voyage SS03/2006 was conducted in the Southern Ocean and the Great Australian Bight during March - April 2006.
Title: PULSE
Purpose: examine the role of mixed-layer dynamics in Southern
Ocean plankton production and carbon transports,
including air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide and
particulate carbon fluxes to the ocean interior.

AU 2005/06 V2

Doug Thost
AU 2004/05 V1

Vicki Lyttle
AU 2003/04 V1 ARISE

Ian Allison
AU 2002/03 V1

Doug Thost
AU 2000/01 V1

Suzanne Stallman
AU 1999/2000 V1 IDIOTS

In Depth Investigation Of The Seaice
AU 1997/98 V6 SNARK

S. Stallman (AAD), T Trull (ACE-CRC) Australian Antarctic Division Voyage 6 1997-98 was carried out by the Aurora Australis as cruise AU 06/97. The voyage took place in the Southern Ocean along WOCE SR3 in February April 1998. The principal scientific data from this cruise are held by the Australian Antarctic Division at Kingston, Tasmania.
The SAZ (Sub Antarctic Zone Experiment) project was a comparison of biogeochemical processes in the Subtropical Front and Subantarctic Zone, and the Subantarctic and Polar Frontal Zones along ~ 140E longitude between 40S and 55S latitude. Measurements of primary and new production, phytoplankton pigments, and near-surface particle fluxes were made, giving new insights into the biogeochemistry, carbon transports, controls on primary production and the role of iron and silica on phytoplankton community growth. The SAZ Experiment was organised through the ACE-CRC, CSIRO Division of Marine Research and the Australian Antarctic Division.
SAZ Southern Ocean Moorings (1997-8)

T. Trull (Antarctic CRC) The SAZ 1997 and 1998 moorings were deployed as part of the Sub-Antarctic Zone "SAZ" Project led by Tom Trull of the Antarctic CRC. Current meters were attached to moored sediment traps for recording associated information. The moorings were deployed on Aurora Australis voyage 1 1997/8, recovered and two redeployed on Aurora Australis voyage 6 1997/8, and the latter recovered on Voyage 5 1998/1999. The sites were along 140 deg E at 42, 47, 51 and 54 deg S, in water depths between 2280 and 5090 m.
AU 1995/96 V4 BROKE

Voyage leader : DR Steve NICOL; Deputy Leader : DR Simon WRIGHT. Voyage 4 1995-96 (BROKE) of the Aurora Australis was a manned marine science cruise. The major projects were a hydro-acoustic/trawl krill population survey, and the MARGINEX oceanographic survey on bottom water formation. Underway and CTD data were also obtained.
AU 1995/96 V1 ABSTAIN

N. Bindoff (Antarctic CRC), I. Allison (Antarctic Division) Voyage 1 1995-96 (ABSTAIN) of the Aurora Australis was a manned marine science voyage. DLS and NoQalms data types were logged at 10-second intervals, and CTD and ADCP data were also collected. The observations were taken along the WOCE SR3 line and the FORMEX square, between July and September 1995.
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