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Title: National Facility External Users: N. Exon (Geoscience Australia - [ AGSO pre 2001])
Id: 142
Acronym: National Facility user: Exon, N.
Investigator(s): Neville Exon
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Years: 1994

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 02/2005

N. Exon (Geoscience Australia) Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 2/2005 examined the geology and tectonic evolution of the Mellish Rise off northeast Australia during January and February 2005. Activities include seismic profiling (3250 km at 7.5 knots) and dredging(40 dredges, 500-4000 m water depth), swath mapping and echosounder profiling, seabed sampling (10 cores, 500-4000 m water depth).
See the Voyage Summary for more details.
SS 05/2004

Dr Neville Exon (Geoscience Australia) To acquire geoscience data from the Kenn Plateau to the abyssal plain.
  • 200-4500 m water depth
  • 20 to 27° South, 154 to 159° East.
  • Highest priorities are seismic profiling (3300 km at 7.5 knots) and dredging (40 dredges, 500-4000 m water depth)
  • Secondary priorities are magnetic profiling (on seismic profiles), swath mapping, echosounder profiling, seabed sampling (10 cores, 500-4000 m water depth) and 10 grabs, 200-1000 m water depth)
  • Swath will be run the whole time, except on final transit to Nouméa
  • Transits at 11 knots to and from work area.
SS 03/2004

Dr Neville Exon (Geoscience Australia) The scientific objectives of this voyage are to investigate the nature of sedimentary sequences in the Bremer Basin, as part of an assessment of its petroleum potential.
Voyage Objectives are to aquire geoscience data from the outer shelf to abyssal plain in the area 116 deg 30 min E to 121 deg 30 min E.
Highest priorities are seismic profiling and dredging, secondary priorities are magnetic profiling (on seismic profiles), swath mapping, echosounder profiling and coring.
FR 09/2001

Dr Neville Exon (AGSO) Geophysics, geochemistry and sedimentology associated with an inferred large gas hydrate deposit, eastern Lord Howe Rise, Tasman Sea (FAUST 3).
Seismic mapping of basin sequences, sediment diapirs and bottom simulating reflectors within the Australian and New Caledonian/French seabed jurisdictions; Core to help determine the origin and composition of gas on the Lord Howe Rise, especially in any identified seafloor structures above sediment diapirs; Ground-truth seismic data by sampling older outcropping sequences; Core to establish the composition, character and climate history of shallow sediment of Holocene and Pleistocene age.
FR 03/2001

N. Exon (AGSO) The aim of the study is to increase our knowledge of what happened to the region geologically over the last 100 million years, with special emphasis on sedimentation and oceanographic changes during 1) Cretaceous rifting, and 2) Gondwanan drifting apart in the Cretaceous and Cainozoic.
The four major activities are designed to fill important gaps in the geoscience knowledge of southeastern Australia by:
a) helping to characterise the pre-breakup Late Jurassic and Cretaceous strata (160-65 million years ago) off eastern Tasmania (Exon and Hill);
b) documenting the sedimentary history of Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary continental breakup (95-45 m.y. ago) in deep water off eastern Tasmania and in the Otway Basin (Exon and Hill);
c) elucidating the changes through time in carbonate deposition in the eastern Otway Basin from Oligocene times to the present day (Gallagher); and
d) studying Late Quaternary palaeo-environments off eastern Tasmania and in the Bass Basin (last 500,000 years) (Keene, Howard, Harris).
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