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Voyage details and related metadata, reports, events and data.

SS2012_V06    - is a Marine National Facility voyage

Period: 2012-10-26 08:00 to 2012-11-20 05:00 UTC

Duration: 24.88 days

From: Cairns To: Brisbane

Region: Coral Sea

Ship: Southern Surveyor [details]

Description: MNF Southern Surveyor research voyage SS2012_v06. Tectonic framework for the easternmost Coral Sea and northern extent of the Lord Howe hotspot. Scientific Objectives The main objectives of this voyage are to investigate: 1. The nature of the crust (continental/volcanic/oceanic) underlying Rennell Island, East Rennell Island Ridge, South Rennell Fracture Zone and d'Entrecasteaux Zone by directly sampling and comparing the basement from each of these submarine plateaus and ridges. This objective relates primarily to Sebastein Meffre, Steven Micklethwaite, Julien Collot and Maria Seton. 2. The age and structure of the Santa Cruz/Torres and d'Entrecasteaux Basins through magnetic profiling and explore whether they share a spatial and temporal relationship. We will also explore whether the basins formed in a back-arc setting related to Cretaceous or Eocene subduction or whether they preserve a piece of oceanic crust from the Panthalassa Ocean. This objective relates primarily to Maria Seton, Dietmar Muller, Christian Heine and Julien Collot. 3. The extension of the Lord Howe hotspot trail into the eastern Coral Sea, north of the Bellona Plateau by directly sampling extinct volcanic edifices and exploring whether the West Torres Plateau is capped by volcanics. This objective relates primarily to Sebastein Meffre and Maria Seton.

Leader: M. Seyton (USYD)

Project: National Facility External Users: M. Seton (University of Sydney) [details]

Voyage extents: 27° 26.9' S to 11° 14.2' S    145° 46.8' E to 164° 34.2' E Get voyage track shapefile Get CSV

Marlin Metadata:-

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2012_V06 ADCP Data [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2012_V06 Multibeam Echosounder Data [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2012_V06 Raw Data Tapes and Documentation [details]

  • Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2012_V06 Underway Data [details]

  • Participants - on ship:-

    Christian Heine Tectonics/structural geology scientist University of Sydney
    Daniela Wolf Tectonics/potential field student University of Hamburg
    Don McKenzie MNF Voyage Manager CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
    Hiski Kippo MNF Computing Support CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
    Jarrod Moore Tectonics student University of Sydney
    Julien Collot Tectonics/structural geology scientist Geological Survey of New Caledonia
    Maria Seton Chief Scientist University of Sydney
    Nicholas Mortimer Geochemical/geochronology scientist GNS
    Peter Dunn MNF Electronics Support CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
    Rick Smith MNF Swath/TOPAS Support CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
    Sabin Zahirovic Tectonics student University of Sydney
    Sebastien Meffre Geochemical/geochronology scientist University of Tasmania - Hobart
    Simon Williams Tectonics/potential field scientist University of Sydney
    Steven Micklethwaite Structural geology scientist University of Western Australia
    TBA Tectonics/structural geology scientist Geological Survey of New Caledonia

    This list includes those that may have only been on part of the voyage. See voyage reports on 'Reports and Maps' tab for details.

    Marine National Facility Reports - plans, summaries and data processing

    Publications, reports and datasets from this voyage.

    Conference abstract

    • Seton, Maria,Meffre, Sebastien,Williams, Simon,Micklethwaite, Steven,Mortimer, Nick,Zahirovic, Sabin (2019) Geophysical and geological characterisation of dredge locations from RV voyage ss2012_v06 (ECOSATI): hotspot activity in northern Zealandia. ASEG Extended Abstracts 2018 pp1-8.     10.1071/aseg2018abt5_2a

    Conference paper

    • Seton, M., Mortimer, N.N, Williams, S.E., Quilty, P., Meffre, S., Gans, P., et al., 2014, Reconstruction of the Melanesian back-arc basins: implications for Ontong Java Plateau accretion, GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver    

    • Seton, M., Williams, S., Mortimer, N.N., Meffre, S., Moore, J., Micklethwaite, S., Zahirovic, S. (2013), Constraining back-arc basin formation in the eastern Coral Sea: preliminary results from the ECOSAT voyage. AGU Fall Meeting.    

    • Williams, S., Gans, P., Mortimer, N., Meffre, S., Seton, M., 2014, Age-progressive volcanism in the Tasman and Coral seas, AGU Fall Meeting    

    Journal Article

    • Mather, Ben R.,Müller, R. Dietmar,Seton, Maria,Ruttor, Saskia,Nebel, Oliver,Mortimer, Nick (2020) Intraplate volcanism triggered by bursts in slab flux. Science Advances 6 ppeabd0953-.     10.1126/sciadv.abd0953

    • Mortimer, N., Gans, P B., Meffre, S., Martin, C E., Seton, M., Williams, S., Turnbull, R E., Quilty, P G., Micklethwaite, S., Timm, C. (2018) Regional volcanism of northern Zealandia: post-Gondwana break-up magmatism on an extended, submerged continent’, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol. 463, no. 1, pp. 199–226     10.1144/SP463.9

    • Seton, M, Mortimer, N, Williams, S, Quilty, P & Gans, P et al. (2016) Melanesian back-arc basin and arc development: Constraints from the eastern Coral Sea, Gondwana Research, vol. 39, pp. 77–95, FT130101564 (2014-2020)     10.1016/

    • Seton, M, Williams, S, Zahirovic, S & Micklethwaite, S (2013) Obituary: Sandy Island (1876-2012). Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94 (141-142)     10.1002/2013eo150001

    • Seton, M., Williams, S., Mortimer, N., Meffre, S. & Micklethwaite, S. (2019), Magma production along the Lord Howe Seamount Chain, northern Zealandia. Geological Magazine, pp. 1–13.     10.1017/s0016756818000912

    • Seton, Maria,Williams, Simon,Mortimer, Nick,Meffre, Sebastien,Micklethwaite, Steven,Zahirovic, Sabin (2019) Magma production along the Lord Howe Seamount Chain, northern Zealandia. Geological Magazine 156 pp1605-1617.     10.1017/S0016756818000912


    • Seton, M., Williams, S., Mortimer, N., Meffre, S., and Micklethwaite, S. (2017), Voyage report for SS2012V06 Eastern Coral Sea Tectonics (ECOSAT), R/V Southern Surveyor, October–November 2012. GNS Science Report 2016/49. Lower Hutt, New Zealand: GNS Science, 51.    

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    This is a list of online datasets hosted by CSIRO. Other processed datasets hosted by collaborating organisations may be found on the 'Metadata' or "Reports, Publications and Maps' tab.
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    Data StreamData SummaryGet data
    ADCP Data
    Time (UTC): 2012-11-01 02:11 to 2012-11-20 02:11
    Latitude: -27.45 to -11.24
    Longitude: 153.08 to 164.57
    Ensembles: 5,453
    Depth per cell: 8 m
    Cells per ensemble: 80
    Ensemble period: 300 sec
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    Multibeam echosounder
    Time (UTC): 2012-10-26 07:10 to 2012-11-19 19:11
    Latitude: -26.70 to -11.25
    Longitude: 145.85 to 164.53
    Datafiles: 667
    Total size: 5.08 Gb
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    SOOP Bio-acoustics
    Time (UTC): 2012-10-26 11:06 to 2012-11-19 13:22
    Transects: 3
    External link
    NetCDF Data Format: Manual Download

    Time (UTC): 2012-10-26 06:10 to 2012-11-20 02:11
    Latitude: -16.93
    Longitude: 145.78
    Track length: 9060.105 km
    Locations: 429,345
    Measurements: 8,674,537
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    Deployment OperationStationCastGearProject Start and end timesStart LocationEnd LocationDepthDescription
    Underway System [details]   Air Temperature Sensor-HMT333,Barometer,Doppler speed log,Fluorometer WS3S-1203,Gill Ultrasonic Wind Sensor,Gill Ultrasonic Wind Sensor,Humidity Sensor-HMT333,IMOS Port Pyranometer-SN 35122F3,IMOS Port Radiometer-SN 35111F3,IMOS Stbd Pyranometer-SN 35123F3,IMOS Stbd Radiometer-SN 35093F3,IMOS rain gauge,IMOS rain gauge,Licor - LI-190SL Q46071,RM Young 05106 wind monitor-75621,RM Young 05106 wind monitor-75621,RM Young 05106 wind monitor-75621,RM Young Rain Gauge,Remote Temperature (T)-SN 2621,Seapath 200,Seapath 200,Seapath 200,Simrad EK60 echosounder,ThermoSalinoGraph (TSG)-SS-SN 1777 2401 2012-10-26 06:13 2012-11-20 02:32 -16.9283 145.7802 -27.4469 153.0782
    Multibeam echosounder [details]   EM300 Multibeam Echosounder 2012-10-26 07:31 2012-11-19 19:49 -16.8073 145.8536 -26.7189 153.2019 5987.2
    ADCP Data [details]   RDI Ocean Surveyor Acoustic Doppler current profiler 2401 2012-11-01 02:02 2012-11-20 02:36 -12.1654 159.7023 -27.4469 153.0782 653.6

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