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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: M. Seton (University of Sydney)
Id: 2401
Acronym: National Facility user: Seton M.
Investigator(s): Maria Seton
University of Sydney [details]

Years: 2012

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

M. Seyton (USYD) MNF Southern Surveyor research voyage SS2012_v06. Tectonic framework for the easternmost Coral Sea and northern extent of the Lord Howe hotspot. Scientific Objectives The main objectives of this voyage are to investigate: 1. The nature of the crust (continental/volcanic/oceanic) underlying Rennell Island, East Rennell Island Ridge, South Rennell Fracture Zone and d'Entrecasteaux Zone by directly sampling and comparing the basement from each of these submarine plateaus and ridges. This objective relates primarily to Sebastein Meffre, Steven Micklethwaite, Julien Collot and Maria Seton. 2. The age and structure of the Santa Cruz/Torres and d'Entrecasteaux Basins through magnetic profiling and explore whether they share a spatial and temporal relationship. We will also explore whether the basins formed in a back-arc setting related to Cretaceous or Eocene subduction or whether they preserve a piece of oceanic crust from the Panthalassa Ocean. This objective relates primarily to Maria Seton, Dietmar Muller, Christian Heine and Julien Collot. 3. The extension of the Lord Howe hotspot trail into the eastern Coral Sea, north of the Bellona Plateau by directly sampling extinct volcanic edifices and exploring whether the West Torres Plateau is capped by volcanics. This objective relates primarily to Sebastein Meffre and Maria Seton.
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