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Project details

Title: Spatial closures in SESSF
Id: 2358
Acronym: Spatial closures
Investigator(s): Alan Williams
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 2008
Hierachy: Spatial Observations Processes and Modelling » Habitat characterisation

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SA 2/2010

Mark Green This voyage was over two legs, the vessel returning to Lakes Entrance 25 May. Leg 2 commenced 27 May. A total of 33 stations were sampled for Centrophoros spp. using long-line.
SA 1/2010

Mark Green Gulper shark tag and release operations at 4 stations
DI 01/2009

Mark Green (Leg 1) Bruce Barker (Leg 2) The survey was completed over 37 days and split over 2 legs with port time in Sydney mid survey. This period included sampling at Taupo Seamount with five days added to the vessel charter to cover this. Several days were lost to bad weather during leg 2 when shelter was sought in Disaster Bay and Eden with impending storm force wind warnings. The steaming distance covered (Brisbane to Hobart via Taupo Seamount) was considerable (~2800 kilometres) and steaming between sites following retrieval of the gears and processing of the catch, to arrive on site in time for the master to survey the site and fine-tune the location of the sets for the following morning. Throughout the survey 23 sites were sampled, usually 3 long-line sets and 4 BRUVS deployments.
SA 01/2009

Bruce Barker
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