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Project details

Title: Exploratory Fishing Project ("Soela" cruises) 1985-1987
Id: 1520
Acronym: Exploratory Fishing
Investigator(s): Roy Harden Jones
(Former) CSIRO Division of Fisheries/Fisheries Research - Hobart [details]

Years: 1985 to 1987


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SO 4/86

F. Harden Jones & J. Gunn (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 4/86 was undertaken for exploratory and experimental fishing in eastern and western Tasmanian waters with particular reference to canyon, gullies, slopes, banks and seamounts and depths of 1300 - 1500 m, using a variety of fishing gears (part 1). To carry out ichthyoplankton sampling on the east coast of Tasmania and south east coast of NSW and to collect water samples for nutrient (part 2). Part 3 was a transit leg, Hobart-Fremantle.
SO 3/86

F. Harden Jones, S. Davenport (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 3/86 was undertaken for exploratory and experimental fishing in Tasmanian waters with particular reference to canyon, gullies, slopes, banks and seamounts lying to the west and south of the island, using a variety of fishing gears.
SO 2/86

T. Kenchington (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 2/86 was undertaken for exploratory fishing at the South Tasman Rise. Cruise aims included to survey the area for potential commercial fish resources, particularly large-volume trawl resources. To carry out bathymetric, hydrographic and acoustic fish surveys in the area. To collect biological information, ageing materials and parasite samples from potentially exploitable species. To collect taxonomic specimens, ichthyoplankton samples and lantern fish. To test fishing gear and also to record seabird observations.
SO 1/86

T. Ward & G. Harris (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 1/86 was undertaken for exploratory fishing in an area of about 30 square miles, centred on 18 degrees S and 147 degrees 05'E. Also for primary production and plankton studies from Townsville to Hobart, along 155 degrees E. Leg 1 cruise aims were to determine the diel changes in catch rates and size composition of the lobster Linuparus trigonus (Champagne Lobster) at three depths near the existing fishing grounds; to determine the size composition of juveniles at the three depths (not achieved); to capture live berried lobsters for hatching and subsequent description of larval stages; to collect lobsters for dietary studies; to determine the species composition and diel changes in the fish communities on the fishing grounds, and to also collect fish for taxomomic studies (not achieved). Leg 2 cruise aims were to measure 14 C production by autotrophs in oligotrophic temperate and subtropical waters, and heterotrophic production rates in temperate and subtropical waters; to measure the levels of chlorophyll, POC, DOC, and nutrients and correlate these with the autotrophic and heterotrophic productivity results; to compare particle size distributions of phytoplankton and zooplankton in oligotrophic temperate and subtropical waters; to examine latitudinal differences in diet and distribution of larval fishes and to determine the latitudinal distribution of pontellid copepods along 155 E.
SO 6/85

T. Ward (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 6/85 was undertaken for an exploratory survey of benthic crustaceans and fish of the upper Continental Slope in the area of the Saumarez, Marian and southern Queensland plateaux. Cruise aims were to collect benthic crustaceans and to record the length frequency and egg stage data for decapods showing potentially commercial abundances. Collect sediment and hydrological parameters at each station. To obtain bottom topography images for correlation with abundance of benthic crustacea. Compile photographic records of all common species of crustacea. Record presence/absence of fish species at selected stations and to collect representatives of the deep-water cephalopod fauna.
SO 2/85

R. Thresher & S. Blaber (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 2/85 was undertaken for a demersal and pelagic fish survey at Darcy's Patch off Maria Island and an exploratory fishing survey of the Cascade Plateau including hydrological sampling in both areas. Leg 1 cruise objectives were to carry out trawling for demersal and pelagic fish. To conduct sampling for ichthyoplankton, hydrology, and blue grenadier. To also carry out XBT transects at several sites around Tasmania. Leg 2 cruise objectives were to undertake an exploratory fishing survey and scientific investigation of the Cascade Plateau as follows: to chart the bathymetry, to determine the hydrology, to undertake assessments of algal biomass and species composition, to determine if area is suitable for demersal and pelagic trawling and to conduct trawling in order to: establish species composition of the fish faunas and assess fishery potential and also to deploy drop lines and a pelagic long line to assess fishery potential.
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