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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS199708 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Operation No.: 431

When: 27-Oct-1997 14:56 to 27-Oct-1997 15:27 UTC

Where: 16° 45.3' S    139° 57.0' E
to 16° 45.0' S    139° 55.5' E

Catch Composition
Caranx bucculentus37337016 [details]10.153
Hyastenus sp. 1 [Cleveland list, 2001]99280235 [details]10.008
Inegocia japonica37296029 [details]10.057
Jaydia poecilopterus37327026 [details]10.01
Jaydia truncata37327013 [details]10.014
Melicertus latisulcatus28711047 [details]10.028
Nemipterus hexodon37347014 [details]10.121
Nemipterus peronii37347003 [details]70.309
Paguridae - undifferentiated28835000 [details]10.009
Pegasus volitans37309002 [details]10.001
Penaeus esculentus28711044 [details]311.42
Petrarctus demani28821015 [details]10.01
Polydactylus multiradiatus37383002 [details]10.08
Pomadasys maculatus37350002 [details]2269.39
Portunus armatus28911005 [details]10.069
Psettodes erumei37457001 [details]10.174
Pseudorhombus arsius37460009 [details]10.073
Pseudorhombus spinosus37460011 [details]20.07
Saurida argentea37118005 [details]10.143
Saurida undosquamis37118001 [details]30.175
Scolopsis taenioptera37347008 [details]40.207
Selaroides leptolepis37337015 [details]20.106
Sillago ingenuua37330009 [details]10.057
Terapon theraps37321003 [details]90.553
Upeneus luzonius37355009 [details]10.044
Upeneus sundaicus37355013 [details]20.079
Upeneus tragula37355014 [details]10.033
Gear details
Florida Flyer

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Florida Flyer
Florida Flyer cod-end cover
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