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Deployment Details

Survey: - TAN0308 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Operation No.: 108

When: 29-May-2003 03:47 UTC

Where: 32° 35.7' S    167° 44.1' E
to 32° 37.2' S    167° 44.0' E

Catch Composition
Aristaeomorpha foliacea28712001 [details]100
Bathyclupeidae - undifferentiated37358000 [details]20.3
Benthodesmus tuckeri37440011 [details]80.8
Coelorinchus maurofasciatus37232045 [details]10.3
Coelorinchus mycterismus37232112 [details]20.3
Coelorinchus spathulata37232118 [details]190.8
Coelorinchus supernasutus37232116 [details]2011
Cubiceps caeruleus37446010 [details]20.5
Deania quadrispinosa37020004 [details]1223.3
Etmopterus lucifer37020005 [details]81
Etmopterus molleri37020033 [details]80.2
Hadropenaeus lucasii28714003 [details]10
Haliporoides sibogae28714005 [details]20
Helicolenus barathri37287093 [details]53.5
Histioteuthis bonnellii23630002 [details]10
Histioteuthis miranda23630006 [details]10
Hoplostethus intermedius37255001 [details]46052
Macrouridae & Bathygadidae - undifferentiated37232000 [details]171
Malacocephalus laevis37232007 [details]103
Mora moro37224002 [details]23.2
Ornithoteuthis volatilis23636008 [details]20
Ovalipes molleri28911020 [details]10
Pandalidae - undifferentiated28770000 [details]100
Parapaguridae - undifferentiated28837000 [details]20
Platymaia maoria28880025 [details]20
Rexea antefurcata37439009 [details]10.4
Scyliorhinidae - undifferentiated37015000 [details]10.4
Spirula spirula23606001 [details]10
Sternoptychidae - undifferentiated37107000 [details]10.05
unknown Solenoceridae sp. (was NORFANZ 28714805) [NORFANZ, 2011]99280454 [details]20
Gear details
Ratcatcher trawl

Instruments used.

InstrumentManufacturerModelSerial NoMeasuring
Ratcatcher trawl
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