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Deployment Details

Survey: - PROM196811 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 207

Operation No.: 207

When: 8-Jan-1969 00:00 UTC

Where: 14° 10.0' S    137° 15.0' E
to 14° 08.1' S    137° 15.0' E

Maximum Depth (m): 50

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
Abalistes stellatus37465011 [details]3
Alepes djeddaba (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379020 [details]2
Arothron hispidus37467033 [details]80
Carangoides malabaricus37337005 [details]5
Fistularia petimba37278002 [details]5
Gerres argyreus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99378050 [details]300
Leiognathus sp. [in Sainsbury et al, 1985]37341003 [details]300
Lethrinus microdon37351011 [details]5
Lutjanus malabaricus37346007 [details]3
Lutjanus vitta37346003 [details]10
Nemipterus peronii37347003 [details]90
Nemipterus spp.37347901 [details]45
Neotrygon australiae37035004 [details]1
Plectorhinchus spp.37350903 [details]4
Priacanthus tayenus37326003 [details]15
Psettodes erumei37457001 [details]1
Pterois volitans37287040 [details]1
Rastrelliger kanagurta37441012 [details]5
Sargocentron rubrum37261001 [details]25
Saurida gracilis37118013 [details]100
Selaroides leptolepis37337015 [details]200
Siganus oramin (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99378098 [details]5
Skalozyb zheltiu [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379841 [details]50
Sphoeroides laevigatus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99378101 [details]1
Deployment observations.
Bottom type:Silt
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