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Deployment Details

Survey: - BERG196705 [details]

Deployment Type: - Catch

Station: 68

Operation No.: 68

When: 6-Jun-1967 00:00 UTC

Where: 11° 51.0' S    128° 46.0' E
to 11° 52.1' S    128° 43.0' E

Maximum Depth (m): 69

Catch Composition
SpeciesCAABCatch countWeight (kg)
Atule mate37337024 [details]6
Carangoides fulvoguttatus37337037 [details]5
Caranx ignobilis37337027 [details]1
Chirocentrus nudus37087002 [details]2
Dasyatis sp. (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379216 [details]1
Decapterus russelli37337023 [details]2
Gerres filamentosus37349003 [details]15
Lutjanus lutjanus37346008 [details]8
Lutjanus malabaricus37346007 [details]10
Lutjanus sanguineus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99378068 [details]12
Lutjanus sebae37346004 [details]3
Lutjanus vitta37346003 [details]10
Nebrius ferrugineus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379442 [details]6
Nemipterus furcosus37347005 [details]15
Parascyllium ferrugineum37013005 [details]1
Parupeneus ciliatus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379497 [details]8
Photopectoralis bindus37341002 [details]40
Platax orbicularis37362007 [details]1
Pristigenys sp. (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379550 [details]9
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer37464008 [details]5
Sargocentron rubrum37261001 [details]10
Saurida gracilis37118013 [details]5
Skalozyb zheltiu [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379841 [details]4
Sphyraena spp.37382901 [details]10
Terapon theraps37321003 [details]2
Tetraodon hispidus (unverified) [Soviet Fishery Data, 1998]99379688 [details]2
Torquigener tuberculiferus37467062 [details]4
Tragulichthys jaculiferus37469004 [details]2
Deployment observations.
Bottom type:Coral
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